PhysX only through the CPU?

I’ve never been a fan of PhysX and honestly I hope that you will make an option to completely disable it, since it looks pretty, but unless you have the most modern pc, it will destroy your FPS. But since that’s not the case at the moment, I’ve tried to optimise your game on my PC as much as possible so I can get a solid 60FPS, which is pretty hard at the moment because of the terrible optimisation (be ashamed Gearbox). What I noticed however during my attempt to optimise my FPS, was that the PhysX only runs through the CPU. I can’t make it work through my GPU (GTX 780). Even if I go to my Nvidia control panel and specifically sets it for it, it will still only use the CPU to handle the PhysX, which of course must have something to do with the low FPS, right?
I was hoping that you would look into fixing this as it’s pretty bad.
The way I found out was to set my “3D settings” to “Show visual PhysX-indicator” in the Nvidia Control Panel.


PhysX running on CPU cripples performance a lot. Which drivers are you running? Have you tried updating them to 365.10?

That’s the thing. I’m running the latest Nvidia driver. Maybe it’s a bug? if so, Gearbox please fix this. It might be the issue why everyone is having terrible FPS

I just read this from somewhere, can’t remember exactly where from. But the article said that BB runs PhysX only via CPU instead of GPU (which was the case with Borderlands games) and there isn’t an option to change it. You can try change your settings in Nvidia control panel but that choice won’t affect how BB utilizes that technology…

Thanks gearbox for ■■■■■■■ us instead of learning from your mistakes

o_O That’s … disturbing.