PhysX support PS4 and Xbox One

Borderlands 2 was my favorite game from last generation on the Xbox360, but I always felt that I was missing the full experience compared to the PC. I do not game on PC as it is not a comfortable experience and requires a significant financial investment. From the video clips that I have seen, the PhysX effects dramatically add to the experience. When I heard about The Handsome Collection I was so excited to finally get the experience that I could only dream about. I preordered the PS4 version the day it was announced, counted down the days, but when it finally was released it was missing the feature that I wanted the most which is the awesome PhysX effects. Am I alone in this disappointment? Can this feature be patched into the game as an option in the video settings at the cost of reduced performance? I wanted a defining Borderlands experience as the product claims.

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well physx is an Nvidia product/feature and because the consoles do not use Nvidia graphics cards for starters its highly unlikely that it will work or be added to the new versions.

i would have loved to have physx aswell an did hope they would somehow add it or add some bits of it but i always knew this was never going to actually happen due to how physx works etc.

not every pc can use physx so its not like the everyone playing the pc version can use physx. it will only work if you use nvidia cards an half decent ones at that.

tbh tho i wouldnt mind if they could find a way to add it into the game an make the effects work without the need for nvidia but there could be some kinda legal issues with copyright an stuff. although i would be happy to loose say the supposed 60fps an drop to 30fps thats consistently 30 fps an not lower if it meant we could have something similar to physx.

i dunno why you ever thought the new version would have physx included. it should have been obvious if you knew it was designed for nvidia chips only as the consoles do not use nvidia as far as im aware. if you didnt know this fact then i can see why you would maybe think this.

it is a shame tho i completly agree. but im not disappointed as i knew it was never going to happen anyway.

borderlands 3 might have more physx styled effects. it wont have actual physx on console but they mae do something similar for the effects an make it just as good.

The consoles are struggling without physx. The framerate would be worse than the ps3 version…


i dont think the consoles are struggling tho. its more to do with shoddy development and the game not being properly optimised for the consoles etc. after a patch or 2 it should perform much better. the game shouldnt be that taxing on the newer systems otherwise it would have been capped at 30 fps instead them trying to achieve 60fps.

I partially agree; they do need to focus the optimisation more specifically for the new consoles. The game will definitely improve.

However, there’s limits to these machines and they are much more apparent than people thought they would be.

the PhysX would be real nice, but right now, im just hoping they do fix the game now as it was intended to be in the first place. hoping they stick to current issues and not something they want different in the future

I feel you man, I was excited that there was a possibility for PhysX too. I didn’t know that it was a PC only thing but I too feel disappointed. Then on top of that all the bugs too.

Wanted it too. But Randy Pitchford did say that we got some visual upgrades in the handsome collection. He mentioned cloth effects specifically. I think I noticed Lady Hammerlock’s ice cloud now seems cloudier. I’m going to look for some cloth effects to see if I notice the difference. The hallway to Jack’s office might have something.

I went there this morning. No cloth that I could see. The map itself still has texture glitch. The map designer placed a poster on the wall but it’s like one coordinate too close to the wall so it glitches inside the wall and flickers. In the handsome collection the poster flicker is harder to spot. Not sure why. Only viewable from certain distances and angles now.

Cloth, I realized is probably on some of the characters. I’ll look for that next.

^^This! I play Bordelands on PC and it’s an outstanding game. PhysX is amazing.When they sold B:THC it was announced across Xbox and Playstation that the ultimate pc version has come to the next gen consoles!

Uttter and complete ■■■■■■■■! It’s nothing like the PC version…at all!

lets just get them to sort out the framerate 1st please.

The consoles are struggling due to trying to cross platforms,games built exclusively for that platform look and play at 60 fps just fine in my experience

Yep, exactly like last gen. Exclusives will always run better than cross platform games.

I mean there are exceptions like Far Cry 4 which is amazing on the One and not bad on the 360

I think it was fair to hope that it would be in it because NVIDIA announced support for PS4 back in 2013. There was a story about it on…
And NVIDIA’s site:

So it was possible, but it just didn’t happen. And you are completely right about the optimization in certain areas. Even the PC version, when it is ran on top-tier PC builds, will have some problems with certain areas and encounters in BL2 and The Pre-Sequel.

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They don’t struggle with Borderlands 2 but why would you want Physx? It looks like crap anyways and runs like crap even on my high end PC, especially when playing Gunzerker maxed in crowded, big maps.

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