Pick a movie title, remove one letter, then describe the movie

Can’t take credit for the idea, did this on another board but it was funny.

Sven: Brad Pitt is a sweedish detective.

Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dad: The exact same movie as Mrs. Doubtfire.

Ineption: A team of thieves try to remember where they left their car.

Batman Return: A heartfelt story of an autistic man who goes on a journey across the country to return a Batman action figure he found on a Greyhound bus to its rightful owner,


Pup Fiction: *insert something here

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12 Years a Slav: Romantic journey of a man of mystery in eastern europe

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Irn Man: Story of a hero with a fondness for a certain Scottish soft drink.


Dammit, I was going to post that!

01 Dalmations
-A story about a lonely Dog who doesn’t know when to use plurals.

The King’s Peech
-An inspiring tale about a misspelled fruit who belonged to royalty.

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You can come up with the summorised plot that I left blank.

Cat Away: the adventures of a cat that explores the world.

Jango Unchained
-The exact same movie, but the script is 2 lines shorter.

…I thought about posting exactly that but I tought naa thats just a bit too lazy

The Blnd Side: A dyslexic Sandra Bullock dies her hair.

Sperman: the movie about a guy who works at a sperm bank.


Itch Black: Not even Gold Bond medicated powder will save you from this eclipse of eternal darkness…

Tar Trek: A very long journey over a short distance.

Indiana Jons: A story of men in Indiana who like hookers.

I am number: Teenagers argue who of them is the biggest emo.


It took me a few seconds to get it, then HOLY SH*T THATS THE FUNNIEST THING I’VE HEARD ALL YEAR!

Wow, that’s so good.

It’s going be one of those things I think about and makes me randomly laugh in public.


Alone in the Ark: In this alternate history bible pic Noah was slacking off and could only build a small boat.

Water Word: In a academy award worthy performance Kevin Costner plays Helen Keller in a dystopian future.

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Don’t miss the prequel, Finding emo.


Boondock Aint’s- Two sicilian brothers, inspired by the legendary Boondock Saints, try to become vigilantes but muck it all up. See their wacky blunders as they attempt to fight crime in this hilarious straight-to-DVD film!

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30: A small band of Spartans gets trampled by an elephant.



Aliens prequel rescripted as a light romantic comedy. You’ll love the abortion scene!

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Avenger Assemble

Captain America is shunned by his ‘friends’ when he asks for help making a Lego set.