Pick a movie title, remove one letter, then describe the movie

Irates of the Caribbean.

Angry holidaymakers complain about the room service and lack of palm trees in the view.

Fight Cub: Baby bears fight to the death, first rule is don’t tell any of the other animals.

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How Stella Got Her Grove Back: A woman’s struggle to keep her family’s lemon grove after the bank forecloses on it.

The Bi Lebowski.

I’d be surprised if this movie didn’t already exist


An Inconvenient Ruth

Global warming turns out to be the responsibility of a single Jewish lady.

Onan the barbarian

Warlord wreaks vengeance on the man who killed his father, by masturbating furiously.


Who Framed Roger Rabbi? New York city Jewish man suddenly finds himself fighting for his freedom after he is accused of a crime he did not commit.

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Now white and the seven dwarves

Race change drama, set in a circus.


that’s on of those ones that I will snicker about for the rest of the day.

Alf Baked - A look at the lost episode of Alf, where Alf gets really high and eats all of the cats in the city

I am literally pissing myself here. Best thread ever.

Liens: Sigorney Weaver boards a space ship in order to avoid debt collectors.

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The Empire Trikes Back

Stormtroopers get their three-wheelers on!


@Psychichazard that last one was gold

American Pi - Jason Biggs stars in a comedy about 4 high school guys who try to get to the billionth decimal of pi before their senior prom

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Pee Wee’s Bi Adventure. Nuff said


Weekend at Ernies: The hum drum life on sesame street where bert slowly looses his mind

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Range clockwork: a stove that works as a clock fixing guy.

Axi Driver: a guy who have X and Y axis as his fetish.

Carface: a guy who had a son with a Toyota Corolla and got human body but Corolla face.

The Odfather: a very weird family guy.

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Toy: Toy Story but set in Troy.

Arm of Darkness: a comedi film where a man gets his arm possest by a demon and a bunch of qurky things happen.

I was thinking about doing A clockwork orange but it became pretty inappropriate…

What movie is that suppose to be originaly…?