Pick one: an anointed white quality grenade or an unanointed legendary grenade?

Weird question: would you rather have an anointed white quality grenade or an unanointed legendary?

I could see both being viable for different builds.

It just occurred to me that they might be of equal value…and hence that anointments are as valuable as legendary status (for grenades).

(Don’t know how to make a poll. Would have loved to make one here. Help?)

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  • Anointed white
  • Plain legendary

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For my three mozes I use the 20% chance on iron bear taking damage anoint and while the damage may not be great free infinite grenade spam and given I run iron bear builds and dont cheese iron bear spamming nothing wrong with that btw I feel I get the most use out of that anointment

It surely depends on the grenade type, and the anointment type, but I’m positive there are examples of white, anointed grenades that I’d use over certain legendary grenades, but without a specific example, this isn’t really a binary question.

You mean that Grenade have other stats that the annointement?

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I wouldn’t even look at the white, much less pick it up. There might be particular purple grenades that I would take over certain legendaries. But the Anointment generally wouldn’t be making the difference in those cases. Anointments in general don’t much excite me, and the grenade ones I’ve run into have been particularly dull.

Does this anoint work now? I used it the 2nd of April and it stopped working after a while

On topic, in most builds the anoint is more valuable than the grenade. The grenade is a bonus to the anoint that is the sad truth.

Although I know it’s there given how much people focus on it, I’ve never actually noticed the benefits of annointed weapons while playing. So I voted for regular legendary–I use a regular ghast call and it tends to shred a lot of enemies (I use grenades for damage, not to buff other gear or skills).

Yeah I use a spring epicenter with it on xbox one and it spams them all the time it’s actually quiet good as I get around 20 grenades in a single iron bear use

Ok I am on ps4. Did it alway worked on xbox ?

Honestly no idea I just started using it in the last two months or so I just gave my platform as I know it seems that every platform seems to have unique bugs or big problems it was either the 20% on iron bear damage grenade or the damage boost on throw as I want to have more consistent anointment control and those two work for my builds two of them are just allegiance infinite ammo iron bear builds the other is pure torque allegiance being build around 1 hp and the blue tree but also being built for future level increases for the mech I have all the talents I need for none mech damage I hate having vault hunters in any borderlands game that don’t use thier actionskills in my builds lol

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The only one IMO worth using without an anoint was the transfusion grenades helped me alot with keeping me alive.

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As a FL4K player, I don’t find any of the legendary grenades to be worth using on their own. An anointed white would add far more damage to my build than any grenade, and the utility you get from them isn’t that great. On M4, I don’t even see Hexes freezing that often, singularities don’t feel predictable like they were in BL2, and most of the other grenade modifiers don’t seem that useful to me.

Perhaps a related question should be “anointed gun” vs. “plain legendary”.

Given all complaints about poor drop rate for a specific legendary with an exact anointment, you would think folks be more willing to pick a purple with anointment you want, but somehow it does not seem to happen that much, judging by posts here…

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Too many purples are sadly bad I love dahl purple snipers but sadly that is my love not them being good lol same for purple torgue assault rifles obviously there are some good purples but in this game legendaries are actually legendary

I think you’re right that this is a similar question. I think there is a difference between what people would choose in both forced choice questions and what they farm, though.

If there were “dedicated anointment drop” bosses, we might see people farming those over “dedicated legendary drop” bosses. Dunno.

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