Picked up The Handsome Collection for 60% off on XONE--huge step up!

I knew it would be an improved experience, but I didn’t expect it to be this much. Everything is so crisp and the frame rate is so smooth. Bumping up the FOV to 90 degrees makes such a difference too. I played to Sanctuary on BL2 with Gaige, and I just got to Concordia with Jack (first time playing with him). TPS in particular is super-smooth. No frame rate drops that I’ve been able to tell yet. BL2 does have some on the more dense environments. Absolutely no I/O-related hitching so far, on either game. Run at those saving poles with confidence.

Anyway, it’s $24 right now on the Xbox store, for Gold subs. It’s a Black-Friday deal, which started yesterday for Gold, and the 24th for everyone else. I think Silver gets a lesser discount, but it will still be something like 50%. XONE folks who have been holding out: heads up!

Full disclosure: I installed on a 2TB external WD My Passport Ultra. Don’t know if the internal drive is worse for these games.

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