Pickle in the background?

I might be going crazy but why do I hear Pickle going “bang bang pew pew” while I’m playing…has anyone else gone through this?

Do you happen to be using the /He4rtf;ull Spl0dge…r (Heartful Splodger) Laser Blaster?

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Not using it, but it’s in my backpack. I had a theory about that being the cause. Guess I was right.

That sounds like hell to me lol.

I ■■■■■■■ hate that character

I would pay another $10 for a dlc where the only mission was to shoot him


The Splodger is probably made in reaction to all the hate Pickle got. lol

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that is what i was thinking, there is way to much pickle in this dlc. and i seem to hear some one faintly talking when travelling while in the loading screens…
oh and heartful splodger - artful dodger

I always thought that the Cutie Killer kept making sounds during the loading screens. I don’t hear actually talking but rather sounds from one of the glitch effects kicking in.

i only have the Proletarian Revolution and the Cheat Code tho…

Pickle is the Jar Jar Binks of Borderlands :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Because I was using his gun in your game?

Yes Pickle is definitely the Jar Jar Binks of the Borderlands series. I want a new DLC called Hammerlock’s Bad Character Hunt which will let you hunt down and kill Pickle, his sister, Captain Scarlett, and perhaps others.

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love this idea, and I don’t want them to be boss fights, or raid bosses I want to one shot pickle with an explosive norfleet

The more hate the forums show about certain characters, the more of those characters we seem to get. Claptrap, Tina, Pickle. But a) those characters seem to grow on us and b) the characters seem to grow and become better fleshed out.

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Yeah, but unlike Jar Jar, Pickle is tollerable.

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Still don’t like most Claptraps myself, but I started to like Tina alot more when the DLC’s started to drop.
Pickle is ok, not great but not annoying either.

Offcourse, I seem to be in a minority when it comes to him >.>

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Claptrap is a great character. Tina and Pickle are cnuts

Pickle and the guy that bitches about his teddy bear… same level of hate

I think teddy bear scientist is hysterical. Also he’s quite funny.