Pics of items I have for trade

I am looking for anointed lyuda, crossroads or cutsman. Preferably phasecast damage, 100 or 125. Also looking to upgrade my phasezerker mod with some good damage/cooldown rolls. If you see something you like let me know what you have for offer.

image image image

what do you want for the rough rider?

The transformer with sntnl zane mod on it

What u need gt Outlawkillerz we can chat easier.

Looking for a last stand victory rush or any good anointed guns.

I’ll add you and chat sometime soon. Probably tomorrow if you’ll be on. Looking for good anointed guns or a great artifact. If you have a last stand victory rush or projector victory rush with good damage stats that would be amazing.

I have a Flakker Anointed for 100% weapon damage on action skill end.

Sounds good. I’ll mail it to you. What’s your Gt?

Chaotic Infamy. Whats yours and ill mail the flakker

Meester peenchy

Thank you

your welcome man. thank you

What u looking for? Interested in your ruby

Trying to upgrade my artifact slot. Some sort of combination of elemental projector victory rush or last stand victory rush with good damage modifiers. Always open minded to good anointed guns though.

what do you want for the shock lyuda?

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Do you still have the elemental projector Otto idol? I don’t have the anointed gear you asked for, but I do have some anointed laser sploders, and then non anointed Lucian’s calls, crossroads, and a bunch of other gear. Is there anything else you’d be interested in?

That’s what I have:

Anointed Shield-black hole, transformer (2), zip drive nova burner, re-router, stimulant rectifier,

Legendary shield- rough rider, Black hole, spiked shell nova burner, marathon stop gap, contraband messy breakup, transformer

Moze mod-megaton molly mind sweeper, blood-sucking blessed blast master, overcast molly rocketeer, roaring bear trapper, roaring booming bear trapper, roaring reinforced bear trapped, megaton mind sweeper, booming reinforced bear trapper, blood sucking blessed blast master, blessed circulating blast master, augmented honor gaurd blood letter, fortified enhanced blood letter, last ditch bloodletter, hazy molly rocketeer, desperate entrenched bloodletter, fortified tenacious bloodletter, fortified bloodletter

Artifact-spark plug splatter gun, rear ended victory rush, last stand loaded dice, berserker victory rush

Anointed Grenade - recurring hex(cryo), mirv hex(rad), rain firestorm, storm front, clone hunter seeker

Legendary grenade- widow maker, rain firestorm(2), sticky quasar, spring epicenter, widow maker, recurring hex (rad), recurring hex (shock), hex(rad), firestorm

Shotgun anointed-holistic the butcher, casual the boring gun, defrauding conference call, auditing the butcher (cryo), compressing kill o the wisp, dangerous projectile recursion, double penetrating redline

Legendary shotgun-double penetrating redline, auditing conference call, hostile the butcher, redundant brain stormer,

Anointed pistol-infinity, packin’ devastator, deluxe baby maker ++, companion

Anointed sniper-woodblocker, expert storm, expert firestorm

Legendary sniper-storming resolute lyuda

Legendary heavy weapon- hive (caustic)

Anointed smg-express firesale long musket ++, undermining crossroads (rad)

Anointed rifle- Lucians call (fire), engulfing vicious ogre, haut rapchuring sawbar, the dictator, double penetrating laser sploder(rad), double penetrating shredded laser sploder(fire), oozing gratifying laser sploder(cor), swift damned,

Legendary rifle-Lucians call(cryo), laser sploder (cryo), dictator (cryo)

I like your flakker, Zane transformer, elemental projector Otto idol

Well, I have a cash infused crossroad shock and a hostile crossroad fire. Neither one is anointed

Do you still have the Cold Warrior mod with Damage and Shotgun damage? I’m very interested.

I have a Victory Rush w/Rad Resist, Weapon Reload, Electrocute Chance.

I’m interested in:

  • Disaster EXECUTOR
  • Reinforced Stopgap
  • Preemptive Shockerator
  • Stimulating Lasersploder
  • Elemental Otto

Let me know if you’d like to trade.

GT: Janos Antero