Pics to put on your ships

Hi all

I am in a clan and my GFX team come up with a pic to put on the ships. How can you do this

Hi mack,

I created a tutorial you can watch here that will guide you through the process.

Also feel free to show off your design to the rest of us in the badge showcase thread here!

Best of luck. :blush:

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Thanks soon as I put this up I got your web 15 mins from this lol

it was a big help for my graphics team to come up with logos for members thanks mate

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No problem :slight_smile: Glad I could help.

Weird question - does anyone know how to delete custom badges?? If I try to delete them, they just come back when I launch the game and are showing in the Windows folder.

If they are stored in your /profile, steam cloud ‘repairs’ any deletions. More detail here: