Piece of sh*t game!11!1!1

Trying to complete a True Guardian Takedown in one go for the channel. First attempt with event on… such bad framerate I had to abandon the run.

Second time without event, I got passed Anathema and in the next area the enemies just stopped spawning, blocking progression.

When it is not a question of damage potential or gamesmanship and is just a stupid bug in the game it makes you want to rage quit.

Fu#king piece of sh#t game !!1!11


Feel better? No joke, venting helps sometimes.


better than chucking the console through the tv :rofl:

but seriously, I don’t mind if I fu#k up but i do mind if it is a bug


You know you can skip that part if enemies will bug?


Yup. Not the borderlands series we were used to thats for sure. Performance compared to past BL games is just sad.


Yeah, with some speed demon, or some speed buffs to the character. I’m playing Moze on M11.

Now enemies have bugged out on the platform that scourge sends you to on the second teleportation. This is utter bullsh#t :frowning:

I mean, really? WTAF

That’s another run down the toilet. An hour wasted. I give up :frowning:


Utter, utter bullsh#t. I only wanted to complete True Guardian Takedown once to say I have done it. I have completed it many times on normal Takedown.

This is what GBX thinks end game content should be? Tw’ts
:angry: :angry: :angry:

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Best advice I can give you is go back and play BL1, BL2 and BLTPS. They will leave you A LOT less frustrated.


Give it another 6 months I’m sure they will introduce a fix that borks Maliwan somehow.

Seriously that sucks few things are more frustrating in gaming than being screwed over not by your error or even a bad teammate but the game just going nah man I think I’ll just bug out.

This takedown has been a poster of what you don’t want your “raid” to end up. Lots of potential and some while annoying change of pace mechanics only to be forgotten as a bug filled tub that makes the early release of any old Bethesda title look flawless.


It’s just done it again. This time after the first teleportation. Enemies just stopped spawning so no progression to the big round portal back to Scourge. TBH I’m just doing it to say I have done it once and put it on the channel. I have done it loads of times in regular Takedown mode, just never in True Takedown mode.


And to even complete once puts you well ahead of most of us. Even without the bugs most of the community seems to:

1.) Rage quit because the mobs are ungodly tanky even with weapons like the Monarch and a good annoit
2.) Rage quit because screw timers when they realize you can fail at the crystals
3.) Rage quit when they realize how floaty the jumps are and how haphazard mantling is sometimes
4.) Rage quit when they have to go back and repeat large swathes of content due to only a single poorly placed checkpoint.

Good luck on your endeavor should you choose to try again.


If I wasn’t trying to do it in one without dying and respawning, I would have done it by now :frowning:

I don’t even mind dying to my own ineptitude but when it is a glitch…

Well for some of us our consoles rage quit, sort of speak, hence why some of us haven’t done it either.


well I’m just about to try Scourge again

Well I managed to get the job done without the game glitching out. Just rendering the video and I’ll post it for posterity. Never a-fu#king-gain on True Takedown. 53 minutes of hell, 52 of those puckering up and hoping the game didn’t bug out again…


By jove, I did it…


Cue the celebratory music (vid needs fireworks though):

Ooo… better visuals, worse audio quality:

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@EldeeFifty Well I subbed to your YT channel so at least you got a new sub out of your rage-quit post. Always enjoy supporting other community content creators.

Glad you were able to complete the run. I have only ever completed a solo TTD of the GTD once. That’s because I am not a masochist. :wink:


This’ll be the only time I do a TGT. I like the TMT but this was not fun in the slightest, particularly when puckering up expecting a glitch at any moment. It’s too much of a time sink with meager rewards at the end. If it had a big loot room, maybe…

And thanks for the sub. Do you have a channel for me to return the favour?


@EldeeFifty I do not have a YT channel, though I have considered it given how much time I spend here and on the game. Just never been motivated enough. But I do love watching all the cool things the content creators cover.

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