Piece of sh*t game!11!1!1

The saddest part is @GBx making the same mistakes. Like the progression blocking mobs that are off map or not spawning. They had this issue for MONTHS on the slaughter maps where a varkid or jetpack trooper would go out of map and you had to start over.

It’s one thing for a game to have bugs … it’s another when the SAME bugs get re-introduced everytime there is a patch/HotFix/content update.


Those issues still exist. Lol

First post.

I just saw the title, and thought “Wow. Staggeringly accurate.”

Then I saw it was about GTD.

GTD ain’t ■■■■. Like, it isn’t even good enough to merit a fine for not scooping it up off of a public street magnitudes of less than poop. Poop has potential, at least.

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Not a fan then? :rofl:


Not even. Coolmaster HAF feels the burn by association. :wink:

The U.K.'s prominent liberal rag would take itself down for violation of terms of use. :stuck_out_tongue:

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