Piemanlee is looking to trade

Psn: pooptang (profile picture is a cherry)
I have tons of gear I can trade all at op8. Some parts on gear is negotiable
I’m looking for a
-torgue grip, torgue exhaust,derp nukem

-Hyperion grip, Hyperion stock, torgue sight, fire practicable conference call

-A corrsoive vengeful infinity with mailwan sight and valdof grip

-Jakobs grip, jakobs sight, dastardly Maggie

-Mailwan grip and sight, potent corrosive wanderlust

-mailwan grip, dahl stock, dahl sight, consummate hellfire

Does it have to be OP8 ?

Because a level 72 will have about the same bonus (maybe a 2% difference … or less than the difference between a max stats and an average one)

If that’s ok, I have that

That’s fine. Afaik the lvl on class mods and relics don’t affect the stats a whole lot. What do you want in return?

I’m not using it anyway, you can have it :slight_smile:


OK awesome, next time I see you playing I’ll message you.

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Oh! Oh! Oh! I just remembered!
Do you have an OP8 Legendary Titan COM ?

If you don’t, that’s still fine, but if you do (and are not using it)… that would be nice :slight_smile:

It may not be op8 but I’m 98% sure I have one.

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I need an OP8 (or at least OP7) one
Because it has a flat health regen value, not a percentage, so the difference is really significant.

Bad news, its only lvl 70. Is there anything else you want?

Nah, that was the only thing really
Well, if you do find one at some point, think of me :slight_smile:

Tanker opened shop again, you can always try him.

I’d consider that a fair trade, something I need for a free op8 character.

Hey Chuck80, I have an extra OP8 Leg Titan Mod that you can have… PM me your PSN nick and we can sort that out…


Hey sent you a friend request it be great if you could read it o er and help me out thanks