Piemanlee's Turret academy

Original idea by @Chuck80
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You want a build ? Maybe you want a build based around melee but don’t know where to start, maybe you have a great concept for a build but don’t know what skills would work great with it ? Or you don’t have a lot of stuff and don’t feel like farming and you want a build that works with what you have right now ?

Well this thread is here to help

Just submit your demands and I’ll try to come up with whatever you need to kick some butts, with with a side of turret.

(I also encourage other forum veterans that are still active to open such threads for the other characters, see if that helps new players, or stimulate the imagination of older ones)

PS: If I don’t response within 24 hours real life got in the way, so please be patient.


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So I think I’ve fully theory crafted a build I’ll like for end game with Axton, figured I’d run it by the experts here to see what yall have to say about it:

The 1/5 skills are there to get 6/5 from coms, depending on which one’s I run (I can get all the skills from my choice of Leg. Engineer, Leg. Ranger, or Leg. Soldier with this build, and there are even a few purple/blue coms that I might occasionally run as well, such as Grenadier, that are also fully supported by this spec). I have a LOT of options for tailoring my setup to the situation at hand with this build, which is what I’m really liking about it. Turret slags for me and pounds away with the rockets too (I’ve been consistently impressed so far with how much damage that turret does, granted I’m still in NVHM so I expect it won’t feel quite as devastating as it does now once I’m in UVHM)

It’s viable for most content. That’s the short answer.

If you’re a build tinkerer, you’ll wind up changing it multiple times in UVHM, because that’s just what tinkerers do. That’s not a knock. It’s FUN. You’re probably going to find yourself trying Nuke + Gemini, cookie cutter Torguemando, Double Up + Gemini, screwing around with Duty Calls, and Fastballing. There are a lot of things to experiment with.

But, yes. Your build would work fine. People will come to critique specifics (Healthy --> Pressure, etc), but that’s optimization, not necessity.

I’ll take Extra side of Turret, please. :innocent:

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I’m hardly an Axton expert but why bypass 2 of his strongest shield skills? I’ve been a fan of Able in the past but Willing seems hard to pass up. Also, Ready, Expertise and Pressure would seem to go well together- faster reloading would help keep your DPS up enough that Healthy could be safely reduced to 1 point and boosted when you wear a L. Soldier com, therby allowing you 4 points for Pressure…(BTW, Handsome Dad is a seer :smiley:)

I recognize the Willing is really good and pressure is a solid skill as well. I didn’t take Willing mainly because I think I will be able to manage with Quick Charge and Able with the full bonuses from Healthy and Preparation (and a high capacity shield) as long as I am able to keep getting kills, which I should be able to do most of the time. I could totally see respecing into Willing (and ditching Onslaught for that) for raid boss fights and such. This build is mainly engineered with mobbing in mind, and perhaps arena fights as well (I find those quite fun so far; more challenging than regular mobbing but they don’t necessarily punish you as harshly for mistakes as raid bosses can, and also don’t really require specialized builds/gear/tactics to beat consistently).

Stacking a ton of reload speed buffs actually has rather sharply decreasing returns on investment, particularly without comparable fire rate buffs, and/or mag size buffs. The reason is easy to see from mathing out DPS. Every gun has a natural ‘Firing Cycle’ to it, which consists of the time it takes to dump an entire magazine (which is number of shots per mag divided by fire rate) plus the time it takes reload (reload stat in guncard). Decreasing the reload time has varying effects depending on what % of the firing cycle is constituted by the reload time component (fire rate and mag size buffs affect the other component, with mag size increasing firing time, but also total damage, and fire rate decreasing firing time for no change in damage). Moreover, even with dramatic increases in reload speed, actual DPS increases will be asymptotic to the ‘raw’ DPS of the gun in question, hence you experience diminishing returns to actual DPS. I already have 5/5 Ready, 10/5 if I run Soldier (which I think I will run most often out of the Leg. Engineer/Ranger/Soldier).

The additional points I have in healthy suffer no diminishing returns, and also magnify the important inter-skill synergies that I am using for survivability. By having Leg. Soldier equipped, I get 10/5 Preparation, and end up regenerating 30% more shield hit points due to the 30% larger capacity my shield has (not to mention I simply have 30% more shield hp to absorb damage with). Similarly for health, I get 10/5 Healthy and thus get 60% more health hitpoints regenerated from Able due to 60% larger max health (and also 60% more health helping keep me from going into FFYL). Willing is only useful when you can avoid taking damage from a short stint (doesn’t half to be very long), I’d prefer, if possible to simply not even need to take cover and just keep bringing the pain and keeping myself alive thanks to getting kills (and playing smart and not grossly over-exposing myself to enemy fire). Point being that Willing, while a very good skill, doesn’t have good synergy with the rest of my defensive skills (I’m doubling down on the kill-sustaining style defenses for keeping me alive and in fighting shape with this build).

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Thank you all for helping while I’m without wifi. Visiting my grandma just long enough to view some threads.


i always liked Axton for hes amazing reload/swap speed
and not long ago i tried a build for axton that uses Slowhands Splash damage
and pimpernel for slag
and it was really awesome for mobbing at op8
but when i tried to find a way to defeat some raid bosses like pete
i found it very weak and useless

wonder if you got something in that direction for axton that can work great for mobbing but also be able to do raid bosses even if gear swap is needed.
also if you can to point out which gear i should use for leveling that would be nice