Pillarstorm; I don't see pillastorms

Orendi’s Helix level 10 mutation; places a Shadow pillar under nearby enemies in range when using Paradigm Shift.

I never see ShadowFire Pillars pop up when I use this.

Even on swarms where the enemies are very close.

What is this suppossed to look like?

I expect a shadowfire pillar to emerge from the ground underneath enemies who are close to you, in front of you and NOT in the column of the outgoing Paradigm shift.

This only works in PvP. The description says enemy battleborn. It sucks but thems the breaks


it says place a shadowfire pillar under enemy Battleborn in range. so other players not minions.

I think the cast time of the 2 are roughly the same as well, so it’s tough to notice the pillars firing when your screen is full of Paradigm Shift.

I’ve also found the range to be not-obvious, so it takes a bit of getting used to.

Once it fires, though, it is amazing.

Yeah by the wording it is useless in pve…