Pillarstorm range?


Does anyone know the actual range/radius that Pillarstorm will actually proc in?

I finally got the mutation and reached lvl10 with it for the first time last night.

Gleefully I lined up an enemy in mid with several of his mates around him and fired paradigm shift… no pillars.

I tried again with the same result.

I took “in range” as the casting distance of PS itself, or at least whatever the max cast range of shadowfire pillar itself is, but it seems to be a MUCH smaller range than that.

Or it just doesn’t work?

So again, does anyone know the definitive range for pillarstorm to proc?

Test it in a private match. Typically your screen is so full of purple it’s hard to see lol, it seems to just be the range of Paradigm Shift with a little horizontal leniency.

It really feels like it’s the standart Shadow Pillar range… And i bet that if you take the +25% range at lvl9 it will also add 25% to pillarstorm

I tried it the other day in a match on overgrowth and there was 4 enemy BB gathered up at their choke point, I came around the corner from their left and was close enough for nullify to connect and popped PS but didn’t notice anything from pillarstorm :frowning: maybe a fluke? i’m gonna give it another shot when I get home.