Pimpernel and other quest legends

I couldn’t find the answer to this any where else so here goes.

I’m playing on ps4 and my zero will be to uvhm in about an hour or so
and i know that once i do the pimpernel quest that i can load in a second character
and give them the pimp then dashboard to farm it but, if i were to do the quest around
level 50 and come back and hand it in again when i level up more, would i still get a level 50
version of the pimp, or would it scale to my current level even though i grabbed the quest at an earlier level?

Does this make sense?

tldr; can i do the pimpernel quest around level 50, give it to an alt and dashboard to leave the quest incomplete and come back in about 10 levels an do the same thing for a level 60 version or will it still be level 50?

I’d rather save the quest altogether for when i hit level 80 to save myself from having to reset if i can’t do whats described above.

The quest reward level is locked when you accept the quest, so the answer to your question is “No”. Your choices are: grab the level 50 version at the end of TVHM after completing the final story mission; or grab one in UVHM now and then reset your entire play-through at some point so you can claim a higher level one later on.

ahh, thank you for this, i was trying to avoid making multiple run throughs of it at such an early level, is there an alternative sniper that’s relatively easy to get? i currently have the amigo sincero and hot mama but i dont quite like hot mama and i have a shock pitchfork, it works well for bore i found but it eats all my ammo

The Amigo Sincero is a tricked-out version of the Trespasser, a blue unique sniper that’s the reward for the Animal Rights side quest (becomes available from Mordecai some time after doing WEP)

The Lyudmilla can be farmed from Gettle once you’ve completed “The Good, the Bad, and the Mordecai”.

Other good snipers include the Droog, Diaub (sp?) and various others (Vladof snipers) which can be obtained as random drops.

There are plenty of others - just check out the snipers section on the borderlands wiki from one of the links I’ve already provided.


thank you very much