Pimpernel Design Reworked?

Pimpernel’s design seems to be reworked in Commander Lilith DLC? I vaguely remembered that it used to glow and have the same color as its element. Now, it’s just a boring non-glowing brown and orange. Is this a bug or a feature? And does anyone know how to revert it? (Like perhaps a certain unofficial patch? Or are we not allowed to talk about it anymore.)

Only in regard to use on PC.

It’s a side effect of the 4K/UHD textures added to the PC version of Handsome Collection (which was contemporaneous to the 5th DLC iirc). A number of weapons, but particularly Maliwan snipers, no longer glow the same way. Fortunately, it doesn’t affect their performance at all, just their appearance.

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I forgot about that… curious if they’re going to patch it at some point.