Pimpernel is... Odd

Ok so I’m running a shotgun build for zero but I’m using a fire pimp to kill tinder because it’s easier and I randomly one shot him from ~75% health… Didn’t bore through enemies, can you bore the different parts of his body? Or was the kunai, slag , OSOK and deception just that powerful?

I’ve never seen a B0re chain on him but that would be the only logical explanation.

Right… Didn’t seem like lag on his health bar or anything, so weird

Did you pay attention to where you were aiming exactly when it happened. If there’s a way to B0re Tinder I want to go find it out.

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Ye I tried going for the middle ball, so the pellets would bounce up and crit him. Using leg sniper COM, fire bone and max amp bee btw

Are you specced into Velocity, and can you hear your game volume/do you have it on?

I have velocity maxed and yes I heard the hitmarker sounds of bore, didn’t think it was bore at first because no enemies near him

Well you’d have to aim pretty low on him with 10/5 Velocity to get a crit, and you heard Bore. So my guess is that he popped up under a minion and it got stuck in him, or he some how walked into one. And because you have to aim so low you also hit the minion and got a “perfect” Bore on the 2 of them. Meaning there was so much pixel overlapping that it didn’t matter how low the minion’s health was and you just insta-killed him.

That’s my best guess. Or since any splash damage in the arena hits Tinder no matter where he is, you Bored 2 minions and the 6x∞ splash instances from the Pimpernel killed him without even technically touching him. Or something like that…


Ye it was weird, cool though. Wish I could reliably do it

Is that a thing?? Damn…

At the 14:30 mark. #70


Ahhh, been meaning to watch that