Pimpernel not to level

I bought Handsome Jack Collection, and have level 72 character, turned in “Don’t Copy That Floppy” and received a level 61 pimpernel. Is there a shift code for this item. or did I buy this game to be stuck with a under level weapon.

When did you accept the mission? The level of mission reward items is always locked when you accept the mission regardless of what level you are when you finally turn it in.

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Try and give specific info, not just ranting. How did you get to level 72? When did you take the mission?

As VH mentions, if you pick up a mission at level-XX it will give your reward at that level. If you didn’t legitimately get to level 72, how was it done. UVHM pt1 ends at 61, so it sounds fishy.

More info required :acmaffirmative:

I was at level 72! And my"rant" is because it’s not the first time! Thank you for responding.

Well, that’s definitely odd then. Sounds like your game installation is bugged somehow. Have any of the other side quests in that DLC given you a reward at 61 even though you were higher level when you picked the quest up? Can you see (and travel to) Digistruct Peak in the fast travel menu? Was the character created on the XB1 or is it a save transferred from 360?

Safe and sound, but there is a shift code for the heart breaker.

This character is from the 360, come to think of it, but I didn’t start the Captain Scarlet dlc until I was level 72.

I want to thank you again for responding, and I’ll try a new level 72 character tomorrow.

Who is this “pooltergiest0”? Did you hack my account?

According to the logs, you’re questioning yourself from several years ago… You don’t remember having a forum account before?

Sorry ,your right. I must have had a senior moment, Thanks!!

Pretty sure we’ve all been there. I question what yester-me did on the daily!

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