Pimpernel or lyuda?

over the past couple of months i have wondered which is better pimp or lyuda or lyudmilla for ps4 the pimp is extremely powerful but the lyuda is excellent for ca and stacking ca during combat

You just answered your own question.

If you like to rely on CA, the Lyuda is better.
Otherwise, the pimp is

ive just recently started seeing people talking about the lyudmilla, is that just another name for the lyuda/white death? i know on the PC and and i thought PS3 it was lyuda and 360 was the white death?

its the same thing, they tried to change the name of the gun with the last update so it is the same across all platforms. Although there are reports that the name change is bugged intermittently

Does it make a difference what console you’re on?

To the OP, I say both. Use the Lyuda to get your stacking on, and then switch to the Pimpernel when you are ready to put the hurt on. I’ve seen some videos of a player getting a low level Lyuda to stack CA on mobs without killing them outright, then using those stacks against a Raid Boss.

Slight edge to Pimp, but Lyuda is also great and can be farmed without dashboarding.

for ca stacking i just use a lvl 8 vladof droog non elemental with vladof stock

i use lyuda to stack ca while mid battle for pre stacking i use non elemental droog vladof stock but the pimp is also good for stacking in battle so that is why i’m wondering which is better

The Pimpernel is the best Sniper in the game.
It’s probably the best GUN in the game.
It’s not as good to stack CA…but the pimp doesn’t need CA at all. A single well placed shot can kill a shielded unslagged marauder at OP8…with a corrosive Pimp…

The Lyudmilla is a much more classic sniper, but it’s one of the best at doing that, and it’s also one of the best at stacking CA.