Pimpernel - Tips for getting the one I want?

I want a slag pimpernel. I’m about to turn in my mission to the censor bot. If I turn it in and he gives me one with crap stats or another element, does it work to dashboard out of the game and try again? I’ve never done it before, I always just took what I got. Also, on kind of a (cheat) side note, is there a way to turn it in, get the rifle and get more than one? I see people who have all different types of them. I assume they have no lives and replay the entire campaign to get to that mission again. Is there another way? If not, I really just want the slag version. I’ve got a volcano so I don’t need a fire rifle and I’ve got shock and corrosive Lyudas.

Yes, you can do what you said. Although a VERY easy way that someone else brought up in another thread is to have a mule on another account, turn in the mission, let the mule get it’s gun and give your gun to said mule, save and exit THE MULE PLAYER, then Dashboard your main account. Repeat as needed. Then your mule should have a big stock of guns.


Yeah, the above post has you covered on dashboard farming, use the mule to keep the others if you want more…RNG is just that unfortunately, keep going and you’ll get it… If you are asking further about what parts to look for, Derch has a good video on YouTube on good parts combos for pimpernels, matters a little less with slag as you aren’t going for damage with it, hard to get a perfect roll with dashboard farming

Perfect slag pimpernel is Maliwan grip (so look for a mag size of 10 and a reload speed in the 3.x seconds) and a banbury prefix. IMO

Well that’s a bit harsh isn’t it ?
Especially considering that getting to that point in the DLC takes about 2 hours, tops, and you can only ever want 4 per character (usually 3 is enough)

Also, if you have finished the game with more than one character, you can end up with many pimpernels without playing the DLC more than once for each, and just pass them around.


I tried dashboarding out of the game when I turned in my last mission to get the sandhawk. I took my chances and settled on the non-elemental. Scarlett immediately handed me her piece of the compass and I dashboarded out but when I came back, I couldn’t get another sandhawk. I haven’t used it yet.

Sandhawk is an odd one. The save point is right below you. You can’t accept your reward. Turn it in, look at it and DON’T HIT ACCEPT. Dashboard if you don’t like what you see.

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