Pimpernel users - BoA vs. Maliwan Allegiance

I have a Zer0 save and a Maya save in which I use four Pimpernels for gameplay. Do you think the Maliwan Allegiance Relic can outperform the BoA in general gameplay? (having one relic that boosts all the guns instead of worrying about having the proper element on for certain areas) I’m not too worried about the extra elemental damage all the time but the cooldown decrease is definitely appreciated.

I’d probably go with the Damage / Reload relic but if you think Fire Rate is superior to either than them feel free to let me know. Thanks!!

I may be wrong on this but I think the general consensus is a Bone of the Ancient’s will almost always be your choice.

Especially if you can match elements most of the time,

Even if you can’t…there is the cooldown effect.

Elemental bonuses almost always totally outstrip pure gun damage bonuses that are simply additive.

The Pimpernel is already insanely powerful without any relic to boost its performance. Most enemies will die with two or three shots. I think the cooldown bonus would be a lot more useful than a boost to fire rate, reload speed or even base damage. The Pimpernel isn’t even that slow. For those reasons, the BoA is the clear winner in my opinion. The extra elemental damage is very nice when matching elements (something that you should be doing anyway when using the Pimpernel), but it’s the cooldown rate bonus combined with it that makes the BoA the go to relic for most people.