Pimpernelling Voraciious?

So, yeah.

I’ve got a DPUH, a Rubi, a Trespasser, a Sheriff’s Badge, an Auspicious Raider. Standard stuff. All except the Rubi, Trespasser, and Sheriff’s Badge are my current level (63)

I’ve got a Hoplite, but I don’t know if that’s going to do it.

EDIT: Oh, and I’ve specced all the way into the Raid Boss Pistol build.

So it turns out people are serious when they call the Rough Rider the premium raid boss shield.

Got 'im, in any event. At least he’s not as much a pain in the ass as he is with Maya.

If you’re still struggling with this fight, try to replace your COM with a Berserk or Legendary Gunzerker COM. Staying in Gunzerk is what makes you live through the fight. You might not get as much out of money shot but slow and steady wins the race.

Also, RR with Raider doesn’t work right: the penalty to shield capacity makes the RR’s value below zero, wrecking some skills Effectiveness (as the game will consider that you have no shield instead of an empty one).

Good luck :slight_smile:

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So, now I’ve got a Pimpernel and am trying to use it on him with a Nukem. Wheres the best place to aim?

IIRC it’s the ground underneth his head, but don’t quote me on that

Use a 5-mag Deep a Creamer instead of the Nukem if you want to remain standing in this fight.

Got no Creamer, unfortunately. I’ve been trying to offset this by DPUH/Rubi-ing the majority of the fight, switching to Pimpernel/Nukem when the ammo is depleted.

Yeah, that can work it’s just tricky at times to constantly swap weapons when he starts jumping on top of you.

If you are going full pimpernel/nukem boss blaster build (credit sjlm) you might want to get your hands on the true neutral monk com for mag size increase on the nukem. This will buff money shot tremendously. Also, might want to get a tanky shield and spec out of skills that only activate on a kill as these will not help with voracidous/boss fights. Spend some points in brawn for movement speed to help with survivability. I had sucess with a 6 mag derp duuurp with no maliwan parts. I could typically take out voracidous with 2 gunzerks at op8 with this setup but I would get put down about a third of the time. Its a fun build for mobbing too but you need to spec back into kill skills. You go into ffyl a lot but since you can one shot everything, second wind is only a trigger pull away.

The Creamer isn’t actually limited to those who have the GOTY “DLC”. It can be traded to people without it.

Heck, you can even get someone with a GOTY DLC to take you with them to get one.

I think pimpernel glitch of this game is fixed, yesterday i tried to use pimpernel in offhand and nuke laucher in mainhand, ammo of laucher is empty of course, but useless when fighting with Hyperius or Peter, do them no harm also,
I saw on youtube this glitch did massive damage to raid bosses, but it does not work for me, dont know why and so sad…

as of about 2 seconds ago, it still works, i just 2 shot pyro pete at level 52 with a level 50 pimp and OP7 nukeem (ive never bothered to get an on level pimp for my zerker as the level 50 as served just fine)

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really? because i used in op 8 but did not seem to work, it dealt tiny damage to Peter and Hyperius :smile: dont know why? :expressionless:

not trying to be rude by asking this, serious question, are you new to using the pimp/nuke build? have you used it much? i go through the entire game using the pimp/nuke build, point being, hitting the sweet spot can be difficult, i normally aim at the crotch (for human and robots obviously, lol, havent done vora with the pimp yet) when trying to get maximum damage out of the build

edit… with hype, you are making sure you get the 4 loaders to transfer their shields so you can actually deal damage to hype, ive seen people make that simple mistake and wonder why they arent doing damage to hype

when im doing pete or hype at level (at OP7), its nowhere near that quick, pete i can usually kill in a minute or 2 and almost always before having to worry about using the waterfall to clear any of DOT’s he can put on you, Hype all depends on how fast i can transfer the shields and how long i have left with my gunzerk

edit… i could speed things up a bit if i added an at level bee shield for part of the fight but i kill them quickly enough without it

I see and I am new for this build :grin: and I try my new gear to kill Peter and Hyperius op 8, so I failed, I think i too bad, right? :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, thank you for your reply, i just want to know this glitch is still there in game :blush:
I have to practice myself time by time :heart_eyes:
Now i know the sweet pot such as crotch because of you, it is so helpful :grin:

Do you know the specific parts/prefix of your Nukem by chance? Anything that increases projectile speed of the rockets, also impacts the velocity of the Pimpernel orbs (your main damage dealers with this glitch). It will seriously ■■■■ up the whole glitch if you have something like a Maliwan sight on your RL.

I really think this is the culprit.

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Many thanks for your advice, I will check and try again, :yum:
Now I am using new build Deputy Sal and It is amazing :relaxed:

ive never gotten the hang of recognizing specific parts and such, but i do know that the prefix i go after for the nukem is either the derp or gaa dunk ga one, also, i dont see how a sight on the RL would effect the damage the combo deals

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It doesn’t. But since a Maliwan sight increases rocket speed, it also increases the distance the Pimp’s bomblets travel, so you may not get everyone on target.