Ping abusers exist here

You might as well just give up when you face a person with 150 ping. Many battles i face, if my opponent has 150 ping i pretty much just lose. i can hit them with 4 direct rockets and deal 0 damage, then even though i have 40 ping i start to sling shot around. No matter what i do i just cant kill them no matter how hard i try. once i had my Excalibur and i got hit marker on my opponent 8 times and he just doesn’t get hurt then shoots me directly in the face with a rocket point blank, no self damage. Probably a server issue for now but there is no hope against 150 ping. Its even worse when its a high ping plus vampirism. the bat charge just auto loads. i had an opponent, looking at you Tesuu who managed to bat charge 8 times consecutively with no timer, and leaves the 4 times i kill him before he gets his bat charge. The times he leaves keeps going up.

Hey. I am just wondering where do you live ? Tell as precice as you want.
I live in germany and always have a 120 to 250 ping myself. I guess the servers have to be located somewhere in west America. So i guess most people dont do it on purpose there are just no closer Server or a Server selection at all.

Cali. so i get about 40 ping. so i never have anything big. But now i know when its actual normal high ping, the people with high ping also have trouble, especially with aiming. But with those who know how the system works, they can do it on purpose. So my example tessu, he is in an american server, but has high ping for everyone but him. So he can be attacking somebody but be untouchable by them. So to tesuu the person is just looking at them so he gets a free kill, to the person shooting however they are letting everything out. So the way to tell that the person knows that he/she is exploiting it. The person will be standing still emoting constantly as you shoot at them, then shoots you with the smile emote.

since its a beta, they probably only have the local servers up at the moment. No point with the relative handful of players right now.