PING Broken on Incursion - Overgrowth

The Player indicator +(PING) button has been broken on overgrowth for a long time now (a good few weeks).

Does anyone else have this issue? are there any plans to fix it?

Is there a bug reporting section in this forum?

Please note: I am NOT talking about latency.

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I have a thread where that’s mentioned:

It might be worth also making a ticket.

Thanks Zarnias. How does one make a ticket?

Since this is reporting a bug, you might want to see if you can snag a short video clip showing the problem. (Either that, or include a link to a video showing the issue). If there are similar reports in @Zarnias thread, maybe mention those too.

You can’t really show a video of this problem though - pressing the ping button simply doesn’t do anything. There is no effect.

They told me to do the same thing. I sent them a clip of a broadcast I had done where I was saying “Look, right here I’m trying to ping on Montana and it isn’t working.”, which they said was what they wanted.

Though, it seems a trivial enough thing that they’d have noticed it, but -shrug-