Pinning important threads

I think it might be worth considering if we can get some more important threads pinned. Im thinking about [Guide] Amara's Skills - Analysis and Rating, [Guide] Amara's Bugs and maybe Amara Master List: Build Collection. Once we have threads for Weapon / Gear Analysis and rating, those should probably be pinned, too. What do you think about that? Do you think that pinning the Community Guide, which of course links all of these threads, is enough, or should we have some more pins?

I believe all of those are in the pinned Community guide at the top.

Yeah, I wrote that in my post… I still think there might be value in pinning the threads themselves. And I’d like to know, if others think the same, or not.

Personally I don’t think it would be necessary. We’d end up with 15+ pinned threads at the top. Just the one with links is fine, my opinion.


Yeah, I tend to agree to this. I hate it when forums have a vast amount of pinned threads. They can be great if you’re new and look for quick and reliable information but it’s an absolute nightmare when you just want to read all the other stuff, especially when browsing on a mobile device. And it’s a nightmare for the moderators to manage all those additional pins in all of the forums’ sub-categories. They’d need to constantly keep track of old and outdated guides while pinning new versions of them created by other users.

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Also not forgetting about the exponentially growing drama potential with every additional pinned thread. The mods would need to make some rules which types of threads deserve a pin and with every additional pin, the rules have to get stricter specific to each and every sub-forum to keep the max amount of pins reasonable.

But what’s reasonable? 2, 3, 5, 10?
Maybe eleven?
No, that’s too much.
But there are already ten, one more or less wouldn’t make a difference, right?
Ten are already way too much!
Then unpin this and that and have some of the better ones at the top.
Why do you think they are better?
Because I created them.
Oh, this is about narcissism now?
Godammit, let the moderators decide!
We, the mods, are sick of this. Back to no pins…


Ok, I guess I agree. Let’s just leave it at having the community guide pinned :slight_smile:

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