Pippie...as if there wasn't Enough reason to Despise this creature, check this out

… This is Exactly why i Should be able to… Do what i do to Everyone Else in this game…

Edit: just had a thought, they could add Another quest where you have Pippie be Adopted… Space is No Place for a Wild Creature :slight_smile:

Edit 2: i don’t know Why this slipped my mind, but one of the First Things that Creature did that Really Ticked Me Off! Was Attack Me while i was having a Duel on My Ship! Seriously, try it and see for yourself

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where its coming from thou?, i see it running around the ship.

The side mission Witches Brew on Eden 6

oh ok.

I wish, I could simply throw this annoying beast into outer space as we did with the creatures that Claptrap brought to Sanctuary in one of the side missions… The constant gnarling right next to me (which is extremely loud by the way) while I try to sort my bank drives me nuts. If I had known what comes from it, I would have skipped that side mission for sure…


I have an idea: Why not simply make Pippie the much requested target dummy?


Pippie is not for bullying.


Someone’s got to be it… Might as Well be Pippie

Pretty sure the entire game is about Bullying Someone\Something… Aren’t the POV bullied by the Vault Hunter’s? By the Crimson Raiders? …

No matter what side you’re on, you could say you’re being Bullied by the Other. That’s just reality

Edit: and if Anything… I’m the one being Bullied by that Creature… And Harassed

I wanna murder Pippie and rub her insides all over my body. All hail Chadd

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Fair enough.

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omg, that’s such a concerning emotion :joy:


I just really want to be like Chadd

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I’ve never had that issue with Pippie as he/she runs around. It’s Fl4k’s pets that always loudly growl gnarl or snarl in my ear. Especially the Jabber.

I actually like having Pippie and Hermes (Ava’s pet) happily wandering around Sanctuary. I am just glad they don’t leave a trail of crap and urine everywhere…Seriously Mr. Chew seems to mark everything.

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I did notice tonight that Pippie seemed to be haunted. But no big; it’s such a cute critter.

I did not notice Pippie till after the Eden 6 side quest - but there was no explanation why or how he/she came onto Sanctuary.

This is something I miss from B2. B3 has a ridiculous amount of half-finished sloppiness to plots. That and when there is dialogue explaining things it goes on too long and still leaves stuff out.

Oh well.

For those that don’t know what Pippie is, don’t EVER do the “Witches Brew” mission on Eden 6. You’ll be stuck on Sanctuary with a creature that’s constantly snorting in your ear.

It’s unbearable and i think i’ll erase my character, just to be rid of the creature. If there are other secondary missions with insufferable consequences, please tell the community.


pippie doesnt bother me, the people standing in front of machines and in my way, bothers me, i wish i can throw them in space.

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Don’t need to erase, just run True Vault Hunter Mode, and Never do that quest again. I Finally am FREE of that Creature :smiley: