Pirate´s Booty not available

i just reinstalled my B2 on my xbox one thanks to downwards compatibility. i redownloaded all my dlcs inclusive the pirates stuff. ingame it says i already own but did not downloaded Captain Scarlett dlc. i just reinstalled via manage apps but ingame it is still not available…

Why? And what can i do?

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Good question. This happened quite a bit when the backwards compatible version first came out. You might want to do a full power reset (disconnect the external PSU from the wall etc.) to clear any stale cached system data. If that doesn’t get things moving again, you may want to drop the support desk a line:


Make sure they know you’re using the backwards compatible version on XB1 but have purchased the DLCs - you may want to try and grab a screen shot of the in-game Downloadable Content menu showing the “purchased” status of those items. (Not sure if screen shots work in b/c BL2 - they’re disabled in the b/c BL1 version for some reason.)