Pistol Ammo Papercraft

Just finished designing this - a life size (i think) borderlands 2 pistol ammo box with opening hatch/door.
Print out the strongest card your printer can handle. Prints on A4 - that’s why it’s 3 separate images.

The main challenge is working out how to build it :stuck_out_tongue: as i forgot to take pictures when i was making up. sorry.

You should be able to work it out from the pictures and a little common sense!


The finished box

One end, with information

Open door/hatch

Print out these sheetson A4 card:


The latch system that prevents the door from opening all the way - doesn’t need to be exact, just as long as you create a lump that sticks out

Glue the door on like this - only the bit with circles needs to be glued.
If you want, you can cut out each circle to add more depth to the model, but this takes a while

Lightly squeeze the sides of the door in to fit through the hole, when you release the pressure, the sides should come back.

add shading lines if you want

Your box is finished!


Oh yes - forgot to mention, first post! :smiley:

This is awesome, @josephbyham7878! Thanks for sharing. You should definitely do a step-by-step how post in this thread so people can see how to make their own. Really cool and I’m passing along to the team!

@joekgbx thanks for the feedback! Next time I make one I will take more pics of step by step - having a bit of printer troubles at the moment so could be a little while though :frowning:

Awesome! I’m sure we’ll all look forward to seeing it! :smiley: