Pistol Epidemic

Honestly should make everything a fair shot to get anything complete randomness it dont feel good always getting whites and mostly pistols for high rarity. I know I’m not only one but its definitely starting to become apparent and no I dont expect purples and legendaries nonstop but at least some variety first 7 out of 10 legendaries were pistols so…my experience so far not so great and already level 30 please help me figure out how to make this better.

I wouldn’t rely on chests for gear anyway, farm the vending machines instead, some great stuff in those and a guaranteed mix of weapon types.

I keep getting shotty and snipers

my first play was the same lol all most every thing was pistols .U just have to farm some or hit up vending machines.
If u are offline id farm some loot tinks wile u can if u are to that point of some easy ones.
U can get by just fine with out legends on the first run i didnt even get my first legend drops till late in the game.And even thin i ended up tossing it once i hit 50.I ended my first game at lv44 so some times u will have to farm around to get by a boss if its to hard or u are lacking good gear.

Just take your time and farm around on the highest map if u realy need to.

I love SMGs, even though they’re not optimal in many games (certainly not this one). As such it was hilarious to me when I played with my wife in cooperative mode and the first 3 legendaries which dropped were all SMGs, and they all dropped for her, not for me.

By now I’ve seen a LOT of legendaries, and I have not personally seen more pistols than anything else. On the contrary, SMGs have been the most common for me, followed by assault rifles, and I’ve seen about the same amount of pistols as I have sniper rifles and rocket launchers. For some reason I don’t get legendary shotguns very often, but regardless, the point stands. How do you fix it? Play more, it’s not weighted in the way you think it is. You’ve just gotten some crazy luck so far in a small sample size, it happens.

I was about to make a thread about this because I pretty much feel the same.

Its already a running joke between me and my wife that whenever we open a chest or red chest we joke with “4 pistols” or “three whites, 1 green” and break down into laughs when we are proven right.

Most of my builds try to cover all elemental types so I am prepared for the occasional badass or mini-boss and I notice that when I simply pick whatever is suited for the job I mostly end up with Pistol Only Sets which is hilarious really.

I like Assault Rifles but I simply dont find any. Sure I find white and green ones. But I really dont see the incentive to replace my purple or legendary guns I currently use. Instead its a sea of pistols. many chests I open have 4 items and thus are mostly pistols. I pretty much am forced to search for favorite gun types by going through vendor machines and reroll the instance to keep doing it. But if I “simply play the game” I just end up with an absolute torrent of pistols.

Selective attention? Honestly…I dont think so.

Whats true is that I currently instant disregard greens and most blues and focus on purple and orange gear. So the statistical data pool is already diminished. And I feel that out of all the purples and oranges that drop its mostly pistols available. I really dont care if the % is equalized by all the white and green assault rifles, they dont matter at all.

This especially hit home with Moze. I favored large mag SMGs and Assult Rifles with her and noticed how frickin hard it is to find any in the game. Most ARs I did find were Torgue so I kep using my lv 37 Vladoff AR at lv 47 because in all those levels I didnt find a proper replacement. Guns with more damage output sure…just not a suitable AR.

With the absolute TONS of guns dropping in the game this is a lack that needs adressing I think. Because launchers and pistols…are the gun types I come across most.

I’m just glad I’m not only one and have been hearing alot about it mostly people are upset or frustrated thatd you have to beat the game to get better loot more often and even then it’s still mostly pistols just you get enough legendaries you can get over the nonstop pistols lol…either way they need tweak some things and or make some ways to converge all the pooploot into better or decent items. Have yet get a legendary rocket sniper and ar until the other day got my first legendary ar and I’m lvl 34…lol and honestly how many more variations does there seem to be? Maybe they are holding back alot and letting more be receivable once beat the game which I think is super silly and honestly makes zero sense for a game that loot is more than half the dang battle

I’m mostly getting SMGs and Pistols and 1 Butcher. Not complaining they’ve all been solid weapons.