Pistol prefixes for Maliwan

What would the title of a Maliwan pistol be if it were corrosive with all Maliwan parts, no accessories, with scope? Corrosive. I want to know because I’m saving up to buy a replica from a local prop man but I don’t know what it would be called in-game. As far as I know, the prefix would be Trenchant.

I think your right trenchant aegis I’m pretty sure

Trenchant is correct.


Edit to add: the only thing that would change the prefix on a corrosive Maliwan would be an accessory, which takes priority over the element, which takes priority over the grip.

Thanks, to both of you. Does the link provide anythjng that would go against Aegis? The link barely worked.

Not sure what you mean by “go against Aegis”? Aegis would be the base name for a particular type Maliwan pistol having one of a set of four possible barrels. The remaining four barrel types result in different base names (Animosity, Phobia, Torment, Umbrage).

This is the link to the original gun titles page:

This is the link to the original prefixes page:

And this is a link to a compilation of those links plus a bunch of other guides, posters, graphics, etc.:

Okay, thanks a lot for that! I meant to ask if there was any info that contradicted the other guy’s claim that Aegis would be the title.

No, it’s pretty much settled: Maliwan barrel + body = Aegis; fire element = Trenchant. The only thing what would change it is if you added an accessory (different prefix) or swapped to one of the four barrels that gives it a different name all together.

Most of the data on this comes from the same original sources (actually from the gear behind the BL2 GearCalculator and other collaborators on PC), but there’s enough examples in the various item galleries that it’s easy to confirm.

Didn’t the op say corrosive? Unless I’m.wrong and fire and corrosive share a prefix.

Yeah, I think he just accidentally said fire. No probalo. Trenchant Aegis, done and done.

Ahh OK then. No worries valuthunter