Pistol sights bug since the release of the game

Hi, I’d like you to check these screenshots i’ve made… Since the beginning, DAHL sights and MALIWAN sights on pistols are out of position and it is kind of stupid when you have a rare gun with poorly adjusted sights. I have also checked other types of weapons and its sights (even with “none” sights) and these mentioned above are the only problematic. I had also seen a few reports on this on steam and after a pause from BL:TPS I noticed you made some hotfixes but this wasn’t included so I sincerely hope you’ll repair it… :smile:

*red dot shows where the bullet actually lands
Dahl sights:

Maliwan sights:

Pretty sure its in bl2 as well, also think a couple SMG sights are broken too.

Kinda hard to fixic its persisted this long.

This bug was in BL2 but was fixed immediatelly, from what i’ve read (so i have never experienced it in BL2). That is why I don’t understand why is the same bug still present in newer game.
Nope, it only happens with pistols, SMGs and other types are OK… I hope it won’t be such problem, it’s just “moving” those guns a bit down when aiming :smiley:

I think that would actually be correct. The sights are always higher than the original iron sights, therefore forcing you to aim downwards.