Pistol Stalker Zer0.....Oh My!

You old time Zer0’s probably already know this…but I just had an eye opening experience.

I just ran the entire Hammerlock DLC at Level 72 with a Blue Stalker Mod. +6 Follow Through, +5 Rising Shot

A Level 61 Sheriff’s Badge
Lobbed Quesar
Fire Lyuda
Slag Pimp

I never died once…

The Pistol Fire Rate is just INSANE…the Grog is like a machine gun…LOL And the DPUH is close to a fire hose. Which syncs nicely with Rising Shot at 10/5.

The HURT it puts out is just…eye opening!

AND the Shield Recharge Rate bonus from the mod together with the Blockade made me feel like iron for once…I mean this IS Zer0…LOL.

But perhaps the BIGGEST thing was FollowThrough…My goodness I was FLYING all over the place…running, jumping and just almost impossible to hit. I was FAST!

Combined with Deception, the Quesar to group even better and Unforseen…I was killing 3 and 4 at a time…and the DPUH cleaned up anything left EASILY.

You DO use Pistol ammo pretty fast…so that is a consideration.

Used these builds…one with Execute and one without…

Both worked GREAT…I mean Execute was not really needed…there was nothing left to melee.



I was hooked on that for a while… been playing with a Chaotic Neutral Rogue COM (+6 Like the Wind and +5 Vel0city) a bit more for the reload speed and mag size (although this is with Vladof gear only). Pistol Zer0 is no slouch for sure.

This is the FIRST time since going into UVHM that I felt I could mix it up at fairly close quarters and survive with reasonable success. Most of UVHM I was hanging back and sniping as much as possible and when I tried to mix it up…I died a lot…kind of a real lot. Admittedly I did not have the greatest equipment till I got to 72 and could start borrowing stuff from my Level 72 Commando and my Level 72 Maya. And I’m sure my slow reaction times don’t help…LOL

And for the FIRST time, I now feel confident about missions like Digistruct Peak and the Magic Slaughter…and some of the other Arenas…

That’s awesome. :thumbsup: What other pistols have you tried with Zer0?

The Fibber is fun with Vel0city (the super-critical one shoots almost straight, and with Zer0’s critical damage backing it, hits quite hard; the shotgun-barreled one is also a hoot when the rounds go super fast). There’s always the Lady Fist for critical damage madness.
The Infinity gets perma-boost from 0ne Sh0t, 0ne Kill (since the mag only has one in it, it’s “always” the first shot).
A Hornet’s burst fire comes out fast.

Wow…All good info. and considerations for future play…

I mean an infinity getting Rising Shot and OSOK…might make it totally viable for damage

I want to test the Lil Evie…If the coolddown bonus from it gets activated by Unforseen and grouped Kills then it with a Spy mod might be a REAL hoot.

…with a shock Bone of the Ancients relic, heck yeah.

It can stack in a weird way though (I think by weapon swapping or something not intended by the game developers) if you’re inclined to try an assassin with no Decepti0n cooldown at all.

I was thinking…

Shock BoA
Slag Singularity
Spy mod with Unforseen and Ambush

Throw Deception
Throw Grenade to group even more
Throw Kunai
Unforseen and Grenade Kill
Clean up with Lil Evie if necessay

My only question is:

Would those Unforseen Kills activate the Lil Evie’s Cooldown Bonus stacking.

I know that the Lil Evie will activate with t a kill when the action skill is NOT active. but what I don’t know is whether it will help cooldown if the Action Skill IS asctive…or if the action skill ends right before the kill…etc.

I also know about the glitch thingy…but what I’m curious about is to see how well it would work with Unforseen and grouped enemies. Not even trying that glitch. I mean you would be killing in BUNCHES at a time. so you could literally shave your cooldown to close to 6 seconds or less if it works.

Blue COMs are awesome with Zer0. If you chose the +6 skill right it is BROKE!

I love the Blockade. The DR is such a great addition to Zero, and is almost perfect for shoreing up his “holes” as a character.

I’m surprised you don’t show love to Vel0city and Two Fang, those make any gun more powerful.

Also the +Accuracy skills are very useful IMO. They pull in the scatter of SMGs, Assult Rifles, Shotguns, the Infinity, etc. Making them more powerful by having more shots connect.

My OP8 Zero is a pistol user with melee as a fall back option. My current loadout with him is a Rapid Infinity, a GN from the loot hunt of a few years back, a Casual Swordsplosion and a DPUH, except that I use an Antagonist with him. if you can get an Infinity definitely give it a shot, pun intended…:grinning:

I like the Antagonist, I use it often, but I have to watch out cause I slag myself a lot due to ducking in cover.

I usually run Zero with Pimpernels, Legendary Sniper (level 69), and Fastballs or Quasar, but I keep a 6 RS/5 FT Disturbed Stalker in my bag, as well as a Sheriff’s Badge and pistols for this style.

I haven’t done a full pistol run, yet, but I often throw that gear on in the Peak for particular areas. This is 49 seconds, with a happy ending…

Do the exact same thing, but instead of throwing that Quasar, toss 2 Bonus Packages (Or meteor storms…). See the fun happen.

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May have to figure out where I put those! Haha

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Man…when you got B0re…it was over just like that…LOL

Is Caustic the best for the Black Queens??..or who cares…I have B0re…LOL

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Until B0re kicks in, those don’t do a lot. When you get that line, though… whoa!

A DPUH usually works better. I just enjoy screwing around.

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Or (if you want to jump on the bandwagon (where there is only me and @Adabiviak)), try out the Bearcat when they are in that state. It works nice with spiderants, just land it right where their legs meet the ground.

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