Pistols for trade - Take a look Updated, new added

As always i am interested in anything Zane related. SNTL , ASE, Swap with Clone Anointments on weapons, grenades, mods, artifacts.

Would like some Ion Lazers, Redistributors, etc…

LF Recurring Hex grenades with + to damage also

Message me if you see anything you want -

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I have cutsman corrosive, while STNL is active +100 cryo, also have Hawt Pain is Power fire, swap digi +125 dam

Am interested in anointed Duc and Unforgiven,

GT conch8 on xb1


I have the Cutsman with next 2 mags Cryo, and one SNTL 50% cryo. If yours is 100% cryo, then yes, i would love it. Also the pain looks good also.

I will email you those pistols tonight after work, you have my GT -

Here is a few more from this weeks farming and traded allowing me to have trade -

Let me know what you need,
I am LF - weapons and gear with Splash, ASE, SNTL and SWAP with clone

Also LF - anointed grenades

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I really liked your luck 7. Would you accept an SMG boomer STNL + 100% Cryo?

Surre thing, i will send it today, your in my friends list already since we have traded before

I am also LF - Lucians with SNTL cyro, any ele, and a wagon wheel SNTL 100% cyro

Just realized all my Sploders are next two mages and ASE, non with SNTL Cryo…Adding those to my LF list

sure i’ll send you the boomer. I’ll check if I have the other items (lucian call I don’t have, I don’t like this weapon).

Would you trade one of the Maggies with 50% SNTL cryo for a Conference Call with 100% SNTL cryo?

My GT is xRoss357x I’ll be back on later tonight


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I have a wagon wheel with a 130% digiclone exchange anointing. I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for?

Sure, I will email tonight

Sent the CC

I have anointed grenades I’d like the lucky 7 and the rousers thorns 2.2x sight.

Whats the GT i am sending it to?

Hi do you happen to have another lucky 7 with SNTNL 100% cryo? And is the infinity with SNTNL 100% cryo available?
Here’s a few of the things I have to trade:

Have lots of other 100% ASE, 125% Splash and a few 160% Moze splash

If you sent that Maggie I haven’t received it yet.

Got it now.

I’m looking for the maggie with cryo while sntnl and the flood with cryo while sntnl…I have a bunch of zane stuff including all of the redistributors with cryo while sntnl except the cryo redistributor which is not annointed…my gt is Chickens