Pitchford teasing new BiA?

Hi guys, long time no see! I sort of stopped frequenting this place when the forums got updated. Any of the old hard core still present?

What got me to revisit the forums today is a series of Tweets I found, possibly teasing a new Brothers in Arms game.

I can imagine Gearbox finding the time ripe to announce a WW2-shooter. The market is oversaturated with modern and sci-fi shooters. Even CoD is - allegedly - returning to WW2.
What do you guys think?

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I hope so.
With the rumor that the next COD is going to back to WW2, its a great time for fans of WW2 games.

Lets just hope its going to be good.

From the leaked images I found on The net, it seems that there would be an Omaha beach landing…can’t wait!!!

Yeah, last time we did that was in MOHAlliedAssault/Frontline. How time flies…

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If Gearbox make a new Brothers in Arms… I will be so happy.
It’s a series I have really missed, and one I would love to return to. In fact, now I want to play Hell’s Highway.


Time to lurk these forums more often then. My love for Brothers in Arms is almost all nostalgia by now, so it is about time Gearbox should show us what made those games great again! Maybe they will be trying to aim for the legendary E3 demo again? (Hypehypehype)

Randy Pitchford said multiple times on twitter that they’re working on new BiA :slight_smile:

He has been saying that for 4 years now.

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Yeah but, didn’t you read the part that they might be re-booting the ENTIRE series? I wanted the story to end for Matt Baker and his squad! What the hell Gearbox’s doing now?

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I think you’re reading into that part too much, I think it’s just bad wording from the journalist’s side.

The re-booting rumor have been going around for some time now and Gearbox WAS considering re-booting the series. Majority of us here wanted them to end the story first, then go on with the re-booting, just to keep Brothers in Arms alive.

I agree that there should be a final installment in Baker’s story.
After that, they don’t have to “reboot” the series. It’s easy enough to simply shift the focus to a different soldier, even to a different theater of the war.

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I’m definitely OK with only “yes” at this point, I have replayed all BiA few weeks back and simple confirmation is good at this point.
Through I agree Baker’s story needs to be finished before doing anything else :slight_smile:

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I’m still around Wintahs. I check the forum every month or so just to see if there’s any word on a new game. This latest news of COD WW2 has brought me here today. There was even an article about how Randy said the artwork for the new COD game looked very similar to HH. We can only hope they finally give us the sequel we’ve been waiting 9 years for!!!

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I hope we will finally have a real news about Brother in arms. I’m waiting for this game for years now.

As the majority of people on this forum are expectimg Borderlands 3, I m glad to not be the only one waiting for Brothers in Arms 4! Battle of the Bulge! Would be so epic!

COD WWII trailer is out, and it looks pretty fun, hopefully its as good as COD1,UO,2

I read somewhere that they are removing regenerative health, so now you have to go to your teammates for health&ammo, sometimes during the campaing you might be seperated from your medic/ammo provider so you have to be more careful.

It sounds great, i love that idea.

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Jesus, that sounded awesome! Hopefully it’ll be better than Battlefield 1

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