Pixel Shader 3.0 not supported by device


Recently I wanted to play borderlands with my girlfriend over LAN. I had borderlands installed on my pc for a while now (I didnt play it for few years i think, it was still on my pc tho). I ran a game few days ago just for a moment but after like 5 minutes of shooting i turned it off. Today we wanted to play, and i got this error:

My pc is good enough for the game (my card is gtx560). Like I said, i’ve played it already with no problem.

I reinstalled all kinds of drivers, isnatlled older versions, newsest version, tried to run it with no dirvers at all etc.

I can’t think of any apps i’ve instaled for past day to be honest (time between when i could run the game, and today).

None of the solutions i’ve found in internet work (all kinds of .dll files fixes etc).

Any help?