Place a ammo supply in boss fight stage

as there was MH4, ammo cosuming is so huge, esp in new DLC , the Wendigo, the small NPC , even u kill them, they did’t drop ammo . i run out of ammo in this boss, but i finished it from my pet .

it is the old issue since BL2, in MH4, not many gun u can play in this mode, i get 5 or around, but i do have some weapons can play on this mode well like MH3( that is u can melt down any NPC). although i just tried it one day, but i didn’t think even u is playing long enough, u can get some gun that is able to melt down boss here, as it’s so rare, really rare, mostly their entires or state is as same as one u have in MH3. however, if there was ammo supply in boss stage, it will be good. or people will play on certain boss only. i got one best legendary in BL3, but on Wendigo, it’s not enough to “melt” but able to drop him HP ideally.

whatever, add a ammo supply in boss stage, esp some hard fight boss, like Wendigo, then increase the rate of drop of stuff that is suit on MH4 mode, not MH3-1

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like shield all is 55X, not one is 6xx or more, it all is suit for MH3 only,not MH4. Bomb also, there still have 5XX gun, WTF.

whatever, to me, ammo is one most needed thing in this mode, esp fighting boss like above.

What gear do you use for the fight?

i suggest bringing allong an ammo artifact (ammo on melee for example works realy well -> just slap your guns full of ammo)

Amno management is a bit annoying as it bring nothing to the game and just turn fine gun into glorified bank filler.

It get better once you’ve stockpiled a few cutpurse, especiall those with slam annointement that you can use to instantly get all amno back (even if it’s a crap cutpurse that you only equip to fill up)

Overall, each new level of mayhem should come with new adapted SDU

no problem with ammo what so ever :slight_smile:

i either use a jakobs gun wich returns ammo to me or i just do not run out of ammo xD (not hard when you 1 shot allmost everything in M4)

tbh ALL of the DLC maps need it. its weird that these long mobbing sessions dont have vending machines at their midpoint. i didnt run out mid-mission BUT if youre farming certain enemies it can be a pain to have to scavenge around

i rather have them to sell all the junk i’m picking up xD

I had no ammo issue with the Wendigo. I mainly used the Rowans Call and Unlimited Anarchy on MH4 TVHM.

There is an ammo vendor right before the Wendigo fight. There are kritchen that spawn during the fight which drop ammo as well. Hammerlock also repeats what the enemy’s weak point is throughout the fight.

If you’re still having difficulty despite all that help, consider lowering your Mayhem level.

or it should drop some ammo when u hitting this boss or similar boss on MH4, reason is one their HP so huge due to u didn’t see any weapon can hit high enough or belong to dealing with MH4 difficulty( i didn’t farm all, but i do have a lots, so i think most MH3 still, not markman, 5XX-62X)

as i posted before, when GB increase the difficulty, or the mode avaliable to players, whatever we play or not, u should increase SDU to respond such difficulty

mine isn’t eng version, so i can’t talk u the name of them.

it’s a hand gun, i do think people know what it is when u got them, it can switch btw fire and electric bullet, 30%, 28XX elemental damage, based is 1823*2, two version, one is 624, one is 585, but both data is same( DPS ), so why they have different gear score??? just scope make that different!!!

i got one, it give 8% or around and the pet can give some randomly. however, then i did’t take it in backpack. as i said, if Wendigo can drop some ammo would be good( of course , i means when u hit them to a certain stage or when he on the land and got hit ).

MH3 is OK, as GB originally have build this mode in the game, but MH4 or laters, GB should make them then, not from the begining, so u know , that why the mode need some improvements

totally agreed with increasing SDU to respond any new MH level

i completed first trial, i am on farming stage now, so no hammerlock, and it’s MH4.

however, MH4 isn’t interesing, if u rank didn’t completed, as it give only 50% LV boost, MH3 is 900% or some similar figure. but boost on loot, 900% from 700%(MH3), exp and money is dropping so larger , less than 100 or 50%

Gotta agree there. Particularily the last map in the heart really could do with some more. I think the only ones in there are right at the beginning and before the boss stage.

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most have compainted that, i posted a thread too. just GB did’t concern about this topic, u find a long journay, final boss mission in new DLC, a long way have nothing to deal with drops in the final mission

i just let them on the land, as my priority is completed the final, and go farming stage. but it’s wasting when u on farming stage

That sounds like it might be a hellshock. If that’s the case I wouldn’t actually be too surprised if you ran out of ammo during the fight. The Hellshock uses a lot of ammo to begin with because it’s very fast firing and the Wendigo also resists fire (and shock just isn’t very good against fleshy targets).
Maybe try going for a good cryo weapon (If you farm the Hammerlock enemy in Cursehaven you can get a cryo rifle called the Clairvoyance that is extremely powerful) or radiation.
I just spammed the Wendigo to death with a non-elemental Anarchy shotgun but that’s a pretty random drop.

i found it need 30K shield, at least, in MH4, as i said, u got drops on 25K around, that why i said, most gear isn’t belong MH4, they are still in MH3 25k