Place a auto regen ammo supply in the game

i have to admint, MH 2.0 is really hard to me in term of ammo consuming. i currently like to use Hyperion either for testing build or for game play. we know malware is always the best elemental kill than any other brands. just go directly, if u is not using malware, u find it’s not easy to kill( melt down) NPC , esp after MH6 Level, esp in boss stage(like REVENGE OF THE CARTELS), although i have a weapon shield can rebound in coming bullet etc, but ammo consuming is really a great problem on non-malware brands gun.

i hope there was a boxes that can regen ammo after some time interval, the similar example is , one like in BL2, on handsome jack, where u can activate a machine which will produce ammo in each time interval. basically, if u is not using malware,and the NPC need elemental bullet or damage, it’s really a so hugh ammo consuming on others brands, like Hyperion . esp u haven’t got a weapon on this MH level, even able to get a drops which can prepare for next MH( i am saying MH2.0 version), and NPC ( i am REVENGE OF THE CARTELS, boss stage), there are every where, and shock damage… it’s a hard fight, i and others player is OK with that, but we are not OK is that we are out of ammo in the stage, as u can’t run back to resupply, non-walware players

u know hyperion, elemental damage is not high, around or under 2k, and only have single digit chance, like 8%, then it said 1.8k(elemental) damage, but in MH5-6, its down to around 0.5k , comparing with malware, it still can got over 2.5k or 3k, so u will see how many time u have to increase on the same NPC for others brands

Can’t you just use the artifact that regens ammo on melee?

I have had zero ammo issues so far while farming Pandora, twins, and cartel myself, but a friend just uses the artifact and has no troubles now.

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in the boss stage(REVENGE OF THE CARTELS), enemies is so larger and damage is so hard to me. and i like to use luck boost, it didn’t have ammo regen inside, even if, i still like to use current one, that luck boost , cash boost, ammo boost, that is what i am currently using in the game

sounds you’re using weapons several levels under the mayhem level you’re on…

even on my first run with crappy weapons i didn’t run out of ammo…

pretty contradictory aren’t you… either you play with luck (wich is useless btw) or you play with survivability…

I don’t know how well they work but he seems to like it and he runs just shotguns and has no ammo issues now.

no, this weapon is farmed from MH4( previous version), and current MH2.0, i think , MH5 is equivalent to MH4 before, so MH6 it’s fine on non boss stage, i can kill them easily if i am using malware, like hell shock, but i am talking if u isn’t using , malware, it’s a long issue on other brands, it’s just increasing the time to do the same things, but run out of ammo is always a problem in other brands, esp based on different characters.

i am using ( i like currently) hyperion, Amara . i know it 's best suit to using malware due to elemental boost on this role, as i said, some people like to try different build mix and enjoy the shooting experience than just farming loots only

it’s not hard on MH6, but i am just runnin out of ammo in the game only on that brand as it need more bullet and time on hyperion than malware

i am using SMG, as it is hyperion brand, it’s a SMG brand. and i didn’t like shotgun in that brand, and it isn’t working well on this brand comparing with togue

healing and shield recovery drops are also an issue in the game. of cource , it is for first trial of the event 's players and in the new system( in new event location), MH2.0 as we just have all stuffs which is on MH5(MH2.0) LV only.

The only SMG’s I use regularly are Hyperfocus.

I currently am using an OPQ w/ 200% AS, a Lob w/ 75% AS badass and boss, a Greasetrap w/ 200% AS and Hyperfocus 100% ASE

I don’t change my load out for anything so I just switch around as needed, but having 4 different weapon types helps me a lot for ammo problems.

my solution is using the shield that have 40% chance to absorb incoming bullet.