Place a vendor machines in the areas/sites for selling of loot

place a vendor machine in the area/site for selling of loot

generally, for an example, these area have many fighting , it also have many drop in this area, as mention, but there was just no such machine, so sad to see lots of drop but u can’t earn anything from them like sell for money.

i am still playing the game, LV10, so that why we demanding that, i played BL2 too, handsome edition. so that why i have to say and demand this in BL3, as there was many improvenment in BL, i wonder what this didn’t have currently.

They actually did add a number of vending machines to the game after launch. Specifically what area are you having trouble with?

Personally, I think the greater need is for some more convenient fast travel stations in a few stages. Like The Anvil, Skywell, and Athenas.


no, most area, is big and lots of fight, there was no enough vendor , u either have to run back a long way, or there was none.

fast travel can’ t help , as u back to the same area, fast travel back, the loot all will disappear.

it’s too wasting for letting them on the land, as we need more money to upgrade something like backpack slot etc. if there was UHV, ammo resupply is so huge, anyway, it should place a loot selling vendor machine like i suggested, in the area,

The ones they have added should allow players to effectively manage there inventory without being over taxed unless your not upgrading your backpack SDU first which is a huge mistake. You always want to upgrade your backpack first as it essentially let’s you carry more before needing to hit up a vending machine. The upgrades pay for themselves very quickly if you prioritize bag space upgrades over ammo and grenades. If your looking to farm money do a Circle of Slaughter and keep picking up and selling everything. It’s by far the fastest money farming method however it’s much later in the game before you can run Circles of Slaughter.

Do you have any friends that play the game that have reached endgame?
If so ask them to donate some cash your way for sdu upgrades.
I do this for any new players on my friends list . Cash at endgame is pretty much useless.

So still mostly on Pandora? One quick tip: fast travel to vehicle. Eg. Droughts - drive as close as you can get to your target, commit mayhem, fast travel to the Raiders outpost and use either the machines up the stairs or the one in Marcus’ compound that you presumably fixed earlier, then FT to your vehicle. The most valuable loot you left behind should still be there (junk disappears first, then white, green, etc.)

If you’ve already made it through to Sanctuary, you also have the Lost Loot Machine that can pick up blue and higher rarity items left behind when you FT to a different map. HOWEVER this only works if you are in cooperation mode. Note that if it’s full, new higher rarity items should displace lower rarity ones.

As mentioned up thread, Gearbox did add vending machines on a number of maps compared to the launch version. Mostly, you just need to get more used to the ‘FT from anywhere’ and ‘FT to vehicle’ modes.

If after that you identify a specific map and location where a vending machine would be really useful, feel free to make that suggestion in this thread.

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A couple come to mind: the Warden in the Anvil and the Fabricator in Jack’s Secret.

I believe General Traunt lacks one as well.

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If you farm on TVHM, park your NVHM save at sanctuary. Then you can load into NVHM, sell your gear, then load back into TVHM and be at the spawn point for the boss you are farming. Good opportunity to restock ammo as well.

Another solution (which I use) is to have a second, separate account. You can then mail items in game to your second account and store them in its bank.


Jack’s Secret is a brutally long map to have vending machines only at the beginning. The Anvil at least has machines roughly in the middle (still a bit of a hike, but not the worst.)

Yeah, another huge map with machines way over in one corner. And you can’t park anywhere close enough to Traunt’s compound. Whereas his little brother has vendors literally just outside.

I guess part of the calculation was that by the time you hit Nekrotafeya most players would have pretty decent ammo and storage capacity. But I get the impression that really only works outside of mayhem levels.

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This is a sound suggestion. However, I think many players have done Normal playthroughs only so adding vending machines would be good for them.

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I fast travel to Tazendeer Ruins to buy/sell and then go backwards to Desolation’s Edge. I would love to see them add vending machines within Desolation’s Edge besides the save point near General Traunt though.

for a causal player, i think we didn’t use such “trick” to like duplicate or copy stuff for reason we knew in the game. we are enjoying the game on farming. i read this from any source of BL trick, but i just didn’t like this trick only.

It’s not a copy or dupe trick, it is just managing your character and it only works if you have both NVHM and TVHM enabled.


Once you leave Pandora, you will have the opportunity to buy more storage space in your inventory.

These are called SDU’s, short for Storage Deck Upgrades. They are sold by Marcus.

This costs cash money, not some strange or limited resource.


If I was unclear…this is not real cash money. It is in game cash money. It costs the player nothing.

Also, they are not random or temporary. They are simply bought, similar to the same thing as in earlier Borderlands games. But in other games they sometimes cost weird resources that were harder to get.

I suppose i should’ve chosen my words more carefully. I meant to say ammo boxes, which are scattered around the map.

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On one hand I could agree with this. Nothing wrong with more vending machines.

On the other hand, I feel like selling loot is absolutely pointless. You get jack squat for gear until level 45 ish. And I did a test, at level 53 you need only about 50k to refill all your ammo/grenades at a vending machine. That’s literally like 1 purple sniper/RL at this level. I’m to a point I don’t even pick up stuff unless I plan to keep it or mail it to a friend.

If you want money for SDU’s then get yourself a good money grenade and go farm Jabermogwai or Scraptraps. Or have a high level friend come in and just give you like 20 million. That’s enough for pretty much everything, assuming you already have the bank and lost loot machine maxed.

the main point is , we and they know how far the distance we need a loot selling machine at there, so u will not have to run back or fast travel to sell the stuff in ur back pack.

this is the main point, and in any farming game, selling loots stuff or deconstructing it is the main part of them , or past of the game, even u got full gear set, plenty of money. it didn’t need more, i am talking place a vendor machine in certain distance, or areas/sites, it is easy to do that.

remind, if there were UHV , ammo consuming is so hugh, i am talking this in non-end game players, even end game players, it is still be useful to place a such machine there.