Place a weapon stash in any fast travel point, others than sanctuary

as there were a mayhem mode , it need players to constantly change the gear mix for get advantage in this area. however, u know, only sanctuary can change ur all weapons, if there was a weapon stash in any fast travel point others than sasnctuary, it can save our time and moe efficient to change the mix, as u can check the info of mayhem in the there, if u in sancturary, u have to use memory to the same info.

however it’s easily to forget as u focus on selecting an ideal weapon mixs for this area , and u got over 100 of weapon.

so place a weapon ( of course ,the one in sanctuary)stash/ gear stash in all fast travel point in the map


Yeah, that would be nice. I think that’s also something I would like to see in the Hub areas of the DLC because you are gonna get a lot of new weapons and might not want to have to travel back to Sanctuary all the time to stash them away.

Actually had the same idea but just with Skill tree layouts so you could have 3 - 5 presets and can load them in at the fast travel. Would make a huge difference cause u could swap class mods and with your idea combined also gear.

This would not only make a huge difference in the statistics cause people would optimize with the new Mayhem 2.0 and use certain builds and layouts in certain area’s which would make for a way better balancing I think.

I even made a thread about it.

in addition , if the mayhem info on this area can be displayed in the map menu , so it’s useful too, so when u check the map, and place it over fast travel point icon, there was an info of the current mayhem condition in this area, rather than u have to locate in this area before seeing such info.

This is impossible. The modifiers aren’t picked until you load the area, so they can’t tell you what it will be from the travel menu.

it didn’t need to be all fast travel point, may be the main FTP is OK, like the one with ammo and med kit machine nearby.

the condition is already set, u just know what it is when u be there only, so it didn’t affect. it will change only once u log out the game.