Place To Make Game Suggestions To Gearbox?

Is there a place to make game to Gearbox officially? i dont wanna just send support tickets as they are for people who need help with broken games etc and dont wanna waste anyone’s time.

I wanted to suggest something that me and every friend i’ve spoken to has moaned about and wanted for a long time (i’ve spoken to about 6 friends so far and every one of them at some point has made this same comment which was a relief it wasnt just me lol) and thats adding a character specific storage so you can easily seperate gear and stuff for each character without having to clog your invents with them when you have guns you only use for specific times/bosses etc. This existed in BL2 and i much prefered it.

Im sure for most the bank is ok but i have a characters i play with friends that either dont use mayhem or dont want to etc and when i play story, DLC etc first time i escpecially i like to use appropriately leveled and scaled gear and no mayhem and its just an utter chore to swap in and out of gear and remember which character it was for, if its mayhem scaled or not and so on just put even only a 10 slot character specific storage in your room or anywhere on sanctuary.

I’d love to suggest this to gearbox (though highly doubt it will get through but never will if you dont speak up right) but dont know the appropriate channels.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

This is what this forum is for, giving feedback and making suggestions. Gearbox do read it.

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I’ll add that this is not a new request either - people have been asking for some character-specific storage since launch. Whether it would be an easy thing to change or not, only GBX know for sure.