Place your bets - what will they screw up in the patch?

I’m betting a boss in the new DLC3 will drop a super new legendary spike shield, but they forgot to scale the spike damage into Mayhem.

Also, I’m betting they’ll focus in on rebalancing pistols this week. The Superball will fire an extra ball per second. The Gunerang XL will now come back 30% faster. Onto shotguns next month…

Anyone else care to take a guess? :grin:

I know this is a bit negative. But it’s not like anyone from Gearbox visits the forum, so all good
:slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


The mods care.
If you had presented this topic differently I am sure there would be some discussion going but your attempt is just rude and unfriendly to begin with and guess what the mods are looking into the board and this thread will get closed.

Anyways i could imagine that we get a lot of stability problems and split screen being unplayable again.


Made me laugh, thanks for that.

I haven’t played much since Cartel and 2.0 due to the damn game causing my Xbox One X to crash likes its nobodies business. Multiple trouble tickets to 2K support have been like working with a 2x4.

I’ll load up and play the DLC today but my hopes are not high at all that the console crashing issue has been addressed. If I get a crash this game will be back in HDD purgatory again.

I’m convinced they don’t have a robust testing platform so there WILL be major issues today and through the weekend. Pretty sad that we have to think this way but their track record doesn’t lend anything otherwise.

What’s been your issues since Cartel and 2.0 launched, if any??

Not sure if this has been shut down or not, but I guess if its letting me edit from yesterday it must still be up and ok.

I played for over 6 hours yesterday and I’m happy to report there were exactly zero (0) issues. No crashing at all. My Xbox stayed nice and frosty. There was so me lag but mostly issue free gameplay.

So, that’s a win, right?

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Mods aren’t the ones we need to address the issues, the major issues, like I describe above. OP’s post is not “rude” to anyone. Look at their track record and it’s clear they deserve nothing but our most critical feedback. If this post gets closed simply for stating an opinion then they should just shut this forum down. People only learn from hearing the truth.


I really hopen they don’t mess up this DLB

Yes I said DLB, Down Loadable Bugs

I’d say they’d somehow break Agonizer again, but I’m fairly certain it is still broken from the Guardian Takedown patch.

So I’m going to put my money on them either not fixing it today or bumbling up the fix.

Its not about an opinion its about the assumption that the gbx team will screw up indefinitely.

This is not fair nor correct for the devs at all.

You are supposed to speak about problems and issues with the game that’s encouraged.
But why hate on content we didn’t even experience yet.

So don’t worry I got that humor.

Untrue, so: not all good.

Or, this is just pointless negative speculation.