Plague Rat or Double Dose?

(Keadron) #41

Could I recommend trying the silence? Especially if the enemy team has a Montana. The silence knocks him out of hailstorm give him some wound and watch how fast he dies/runs away :slight_smile: nothing better than making that big S.O.B. cower

(Silverkhaos) #42

Iโ€™m well aware of what silence does. Kinda fun knocking Attikus out of the air with it when heโ€™s trying to leap.

But itโ€™s just not my style. Its hard to tell if I even hit them with everything going on, first off. Kind of a waste since I never fire fumigate anyway and focus primarily on patient zero for all the lifedrain/rate of fire, etc. I really only use Fumigate for the movement speed boost.

I prefer the ability to make enemies to get ticced if they hit me. Helps more than youโ€™d think to be ticcing people all over the map at once.