Plaguebearer Consistency Issues

My current build is a Moze rockets based build that mainly utilizes Plaguebearer. It works rather well overall, but sometimes my Plaguebearer does very little damage. I’ve tried aiming from farther away or shooting a bit higher up so it doesn’t drag along the ground, but it doesn’t always work still. Does anyone have any tips or advice how to get the max damage more consistently?

is it because sometimes u have high overkill?

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What annoint is on it?

Are you hitting people directly with the mainly shot? That thing does massive damage dead on

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It might be the overkill stacking. I’ve got the status chance anoint so that shouldn’t effect it, and I notice the issue most often when I’m downed and very close to something so I’m definitely hitting with the main ball.

Ah Yea, I think you do have to shoot it from a little bit away for the mini rockets to really start going but overkill could be it too. Maybe turn overkill off and see how it performs

I’ll turn it off and see what happens. That’s a good idea and I forgot I could do that, thank you.