Plaguebearer/Scourge Spam

Whats the best setup for spamming Scourges or Plaguebearers with Moze? Just curious

My Torgue build. Have a look in the build guide in the sticky thread up top. Basically you want big mags and splash damage.

Although that was pre M2.0. You might want to include TCP and scrappy in there somehow.

I usually spec on Blue and Green trees all the way.

When fighting enemies:

  1. Bring up Scourge
  2. Activate Some for the Road
  3. Fire 5x with Scourge
  4. Wait for Action Skill’s cooldown (it’s quick).

If I am using Blast Master, I will drain all my Heavy Rocket ammo. Once it’s empty, I repeat the steps above. In this way you don’t fear reloading and will always get that BM +100% splash bonus.

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