Planet based legendary grab

You might have seen this;

So loads of legendaries, one planet per week. Will this be interesting?
I dunno. I get so many legendaries now that increasing their drops (again) seems a little overwrought.
Though it does look like they’re localizing some legendaries to each planet, so I might want to farm Promethea, but not Pandora.
We’ll see how it works out.

It would just end up farming the planet boss over and over, boring.

What are everyone’s favorite farming spots for each planet?

The real question : Does athena count as prometea for this event?

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Pandora week 1 means a lot of slaughtershaft getting my M10 set.

Notice that is says “affected zone” (meaning map, not boss) and in the example they use they skip over Katagawa Jr. (Altas HQ) and list Metroplex as the zone.

I really can’t imagine it being one of the vaults or repeatable arena’s, but if it is, have at it!


I read it as each zone will have a specific type of drop increased, but every zone would have 1. Hopefully that’s the case so I can run slaughter unless it’s sniper there.

Ah I see. I do not read it that way, otherwise “affected zoneS” would be mentioned. Fairly certain it is one map/zone per planet.

Hopefully we can confirm later today :+1:

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