Planet fast travels gone

I have the first 3 planets unlocked but when I started the game this morning I can only fast travel to sanctuary and pandora

Im having that issue as well

I think it’s still bugged but I found a way around it, you have to travel to the planet from the sanctuary bridge and use the drop pod to get back on the planet.

Yeah im the last mission and i have all the planets but the one that starts with n is now gone but my sanctuary is still on its orbit and the mission is still active and ive already been on the planet.

Same Problem here After Start helping someone and doing First Missions… no travel points more… any Tipps or work arround?

If you have sanctuary still then use the command deck bridge thing to travel to the planets and then use the drop pod. Worked for me

Okay, thank You. But whats with the asdroid? :see_no_evil:

Not sure what you are talking about

Skywell 27

Can we please get a fix on this, its been at it for over a month now and this is ■■■■■■■■, it just happened to me, hurry up and fix this, playstation 4