Planet Progress - Rushed or more secrets

If you go to Gehenna, and look at the planet progress, then tab over to challenges, the numbers do not add up to the individual zones

Vestige 14/15 - 8 locations, 1 fast travel (actually 2), 5 crew challenges
Ashfall Peaks 25/26 - 10 locations, 3 fast travel stations (actually 2), 3 red chests, 9 crew challenges
Only Blastplains & Crater’s Edge have accurate numbers

I am going to assume this cut content, and rushed out the door
2nd most likely a bug (fast travels do not add up)
3rd most likely is a secret something we have yet to discover.

I am hoping it will lead to Max Sky… but I am dreaming.

It’s a bug.

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It’s not a bug. There are locations you may have missed. If you go back to the maps you can see a lot of the numbers don’t add up. In some cases I have more then on the map. On Pandora I have 16/15 fast travel station’s and 64/57 crew challenges.

Crew challenges counter is bugged in base game.

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The same for me. I have:
Vestige 14/15
Ashfall Peaks 25/26
Blastplains 25/25
Obsidian Forest 19/20
Bloodsun Canyon 22/23
Crater’s Edge 5/5

So same as you. So really a bug? What a bummer :frowning: