Planets Mentioned In TPS

Promethea -“blue” planet, can bw traveled to from Concordia (sign across from Meriff’s Elevator)

Hera- Wilhelm’s home planet (from his Triton Flats background ECHOs)

Themis - planet whete Athena accudentally kills her suster while opwrating in thermo only mode (Regilith Range Athena ECHOs)

Pandora - obviously

I feel like I’m forgetting some!

And sorry for typos, as always!

Reading that out loud is fun xP

There is a list of all the planets mentioned though the series on the wiki.

I hope we get to see Promethea someday. People say its worse then Pandora, I think.

I also wonder were Truxico is lol!

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I know it’s not mentioned in TPS but I was always curious about Eden 6 when Marcus was taking about it in the first game. I hope they allow you too travel to some of these other worlds in BL3 or future DLC.

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Truxico is located just south (galactically) of United Stars of 'Murica



Ok, there’s, like, A LOT of planets in that website!

Where are they getting all those from?

There’s no way they are all mentioned in game!

There is definitely Tartarus Station, on Pandora, in the Robolution DLC.`

A couple of these planets are mentioned on posters, particularly in BL1. The rest are from official profiles, such as this one:
I would personally love to go planet hopping in BL3. Explore the galaxy for the vaults shown at the end of BL2.

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Well I can tell you Artemis is not mentioned in-game. That planet was first mentioned on Mordecais character info card that GBX released (It’s where he is from)
So it’s likely some of those planets came from other sources.



Tries to go visit, but is immediately attacked by Truxican Space Fighters

I had to retreat, they were Chipotle Class and made me hungry :frowning:


Hey look, it’s bobblehead R2-D2! D’awwww.

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You find the BEST images, buddy, thank you!

She does find the best images xD

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Oh noez…

I found the Truxican Deathstar…

Also uncovered blueprints for said deathstar weapon

Truxico for dLC or BL3 plox!

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KrewlraiN, are you also the same one who did the Wilhelm guide? If so, you’re officially a badass.

Yeah hehe. Still got some things to type up for it when the writing mojo hits again.

Like what? COM advice/opinions?

And Eden 5 in Tales.

Yar and some more weapons

You guys forgot Talus or Tantalus or something like that, it’s Jack’s planet of origin.

Tantalus. Ironic.