Planning ahead for ernest release

watching the live stream I was thinking the whole time about how ernest would change up the game, me and my normal group of friends have played all supports as a team comp and actually do really well with it… but I was thinking that with ernest in the picture strategy in this game can go to a new level depending on the limits of the things the dev’s talked about. for example his power egg can have a bubble shield, depending on how that works him(is it for a certain amount of damage, does it expire, does it only stop certain things?) and a kleese could WRECK as a team. imagine he sets up his egg and klees sets rifts next to it? egg protects rifts from melee and egg protects rifts from range…

would the small bubble shield hold up to a sentry at all, because then reyna could use her ulti, and then ernest could use his egg within that as well for when it wears off to make someone able to hold out for DAYS.

thorn is one of the few counters I see to this because blight is literally on the ground with no projectile so the shield shouldn’t stop it…so I am wondering if anyone has any “rough sketch” strategies based on what they’ve heard?

A Kleese and Ernest combo sounds like a nightmare. Also with the reload attack speed and damage upgrades for the power egg marquis will be going nightmare mode

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or depending on the grenade velocity firing from mid thralls on overgrowth with the egg boosting attack speed and reload speed with bombs planted for enemies to run into…oh ernest is going to be fun for me

Yeah he’s gonna be a territorial nightmare. Glad he can only have 1 egg down it would be horrific if he had more

echelon would be insane, accelerated eggs for days!

Have they already revealed his Mutations?

It’s Possible he might get that, since there are others that got stack up Augmentations l like that… Marquis, Ghalt and Ambra for example.

I won’t look too much into chracters before playing, I like to experience them first hand.

When all is said and done, there is no way (unless he is OP) that he will change up the game more than Pendles. That won’t stop people from saying he needs a nerf though. :rolling_eyes:

I have a list and they’ll be on the wiki along with his regular helix options as soon as I get the okay to post them.

Is the ok for wiki soon

I’d imagine they’d okay it around a day or 2 before release at the earliest, but when it’s up i’d love for @Gulfwulf to post the link everywhere for us to look at!

I’m kinda sad, my disc said it had corrupted data, uninstalled it and installing back

I am fully prepared for it

My pitchfork was just sharpened and I left my torches out in the sun to dry


First character who can aim over buildings to kill. Loving it.

Well, Benedict could do that if you hit them with Hawkeye first, but I suppose then there’s very little aiming involved.

Technically Mellka and Kleese could as well(venom and mortars respectively)

Well, Kleese doesn’t have enough of a drop realistically, when ignoring the bounce, but Mellka is a good point. But this is the first one to really do it, ya know

Huh, I didn’t know it could go that far. I feel like Ernest could wreck sentries from over the mid Thrall wall as loving-hatred said.

It’s definitely possible though a bit unreliable/not always going to do that. You’ll probably have to be fairly close to the edge of the building yourself, for one. More likely to just happen around corners than over top.

if you’re good at calculating redirections though it’ll be brutal, as kleese using bouncing mortars I could shoot from by my first sentry to by theirs in overgrowth. this is going to get insane quickly

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Here ya go! I don’t have any of his skins or taunts, but I should have 'em after next Monday when I can download the update if he’s not already in the game files.